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UK will test terrifying 'Armageddon alarm' within weeks

UK will test terrifying 'Armageddon alarm' within weeks

A report has announced when the eerie alert will be tested across the country

It has been confirmed that the UK will start rolling out tests for a new terrifying 'Armageddon' alarm within just a matter of weeks.

A government report has stated that the alert system will feature a very loud mobile phone alarm which is designed to warn the public if there is a 'danger to life' nearby.

Thousands are set to receive the alert as part of the UK Government Resilience Framework.

UK will test terrifying 'Armageddon alarm' within weeks.
Tracy Le Blanc / Pexels

The alert is part of a wider security system that the Labour party has been pushing forward for over a decade, with ministers initially promising to introduce the alarm from 2013.

The alarm in question will see thousands of people's phones flash and set off loud noises.

Following the light and sound alert, phone owners will subsequently be issued details of the emergency at hand alongside advice on what to do and how to get help.

The alert will be used to warn the public if there is a nearby 'danger to life', and it has been understood that the national testing procedure will revolve around extreme weather-related issues and flooding.

The alarm was set to be launched in 'early 2023'.
Nacevski Nikola / Pexels

Conservative Cabinet Office minister Kit Malthouse has revealed that the new scheme would better equip the government to deal with various dangers, saying it could 'warn people much more comprehensively' about such imminent threats.

The Government’s National Resilience Framework was first published back in December of last year.

The report outlined that the phone alarm system was set to be launched nationwide in 'early 2023' but only local testing in Reading back in 2021 has been completed thus far.

An official foreword on the report from the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Oliver Dowden reads: "These are unsettled and troubling times."

The statement continues: "We live in an increasingly volatile world, defined by geopolitical and geo-economic shifts, rapid technological change and a changing climate.

"We need to strengthen the underpinning systems that provide our resilience to all risks.

"This UK Government Resilience Framework is our plan to achieve this."

"Labour has a plan for a more resilient Britain."
Fleur Anderson / UK Parliament

Labour’s Shadow Paymaster General Fleur Anderson has said: "While Britain faces increasing global threats, not least from Putin’s Russia, this saga has dragged on far too long and left our country lagging far behind on keeping the public safe."

Anderson continued: "While the Tories have been caught asleep at the wheel, Labour has a plan for a more resilient Britain to ensure government is alert to the threats our country faces."

A government spokesperson told LADbible: "Emergency Alerts will be a vital tool in helping us better respond to emergencies, both nationally and locally.

"We have worked closely with the emergency services to develop this and carried out extensive trials ahead of its national rollout. We expect to update shortly."

LADbible has reached out to Labour MP Fleur Anderson for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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