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Tourists could be given whopping £3,400 fine for wearing wrong clothes on holiday

Tourists could be given whopping £3,400 fine for wearing wrong clothes on holiday

If you are heading to Croatia on a summer holiday this year, you'll want to check out the new rules

Summer is well and truly here with the weather in the UK set to reach as high as 30 degrees in some regions this weekend.

But if you are still considering booking a holiday for the coming weeks, you may be looking at somewhere abroad.

While it may be rather pleasant now, we all know how quickly the British weather can change.

So booking that tour-type fiasco to Magaluf or Ibiza, or a chilled break to the Maldives seems like a pretty good idea to a lot of us.

But while you may just be thinking about having a great time and letting your hair down, it has become clear that UK holiday-goers now have to keep in mind some new rules.

Failure to do so can result in some pretty hefty fines and that is just in one popular European tourist destination.

Strict rules have been introduced surrounding holiday etiquette in one popular tourist destination.
Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

The British public have been warned they could be slapped with a fine as high as £3,400 if they strip off in the heat or even just take a nap in some parts of Croatia.

The Croatian city of Split has followed suit with leading city Dubrovnik, after calling for a ban on walking about the old city centre either shirtless or in a bikini.

Earlier this year, Split City Council published the new rules and explained how they would apply to tourists and locals in the summer months.

The official document reads: "Inside Zone A (cultural-historical centre) it is forbidden be in a bathing suit, underwear or no clothes in a public space."

According to local news outlet Croatia Week, the bylaw is 'intended to bring order to the city'.

It continues: "Especially in Split’s cultural-historical centre, [the rule] went into force at the start of the new year with the fine prescribed at 150 euros for those breaching the bylaw."

UK tourists heading to Croatia should be wary of the new rules.
Spencer Davis / Pexels

The bylaw also puts restrictions on drinking alcohol in public and walking a dog without a lead.

The outlet reports that 'communal wardens will patrol the streets looking out for offenders' who can also be issued with a £129 fine for drinking.

"Inside Zone A (cultural-historical centre) consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in public areas except on terraces for catering services," the official document continues.

Closer to home, the government's UK Foreign Office website has mapped out some key 'travel advice' when visiting Croatia.

Under the 'local laws and customs' subsection, the site explains: "In some Croatian town centres, authorities may issue on the spot fines for behaviour which is locally considered inappropriate."

Local authorities can issue fines on the spot.
Spencer Davis / Pexels

Some of the examples listed on the site include but are not limited to; walking through towns shirtless or in swimwear, wearing clothing that promotes drug use, sleeping in public areas and climbing on top of monuments.

The government warns: "You can also be fined up to €4000 (£3,400) for actions considered to be disturbances to public order. These include fighting, verbal abuse and drunken behaviour.

"Most towns have signage to advise about actions that are prohibited by local law. Take notice of your surroundings, including signage, and seek local advice."

Featured Image Credit: Zoonar GmbH / Kuttig - Travel - 2 / Alamy

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