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UK town with the most UFO sightings in the world

UK town with the most UFO sightings in the world

A local councillor has urged the government to launch an investigation

A small town in Scotland has unexpectedly become a UFO hot spot, with a local councillor claiming more than 60,000 local residents have had a sighting.

In an area that stretches just over 20 miles, thousands of UFO sightings have been made, with almost 300 sightings per year, each year since the 1990s. Weird, eh? You can see a trailer for a documentary about the area here:

Bonnybridge is located slap bang in the middle of the so-called Falkirk Triangle - an area encompassing Stirling, Cumbernauld and Falkirk.

The first sighting was made by businessman James Walker in 1992, who claimed to have seen a shiny star-shaped object hovering above the road - and completely blocking his way.

Walker said that after stopping his car, the object then took off at speed.

Since that night it seems that UFOs can’t keep away from the place and there have been hundreds of sightings over the years.

Maybe the UFOs are drawn to its picturesque views.
John Carroll Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

So much so, it’s been dubbed the ‘Scottish Roswell’ and local councillor Billy Buchanan has even called numerous UK Prime Ministers to launch an investigation into the influx of sightings.

Councillor Buchanan appears in a new documentary The Bonnybridge Files: The Town With The Most UFO Sightings In The World, where he explains: “Since this first happened in 1992, I have went down to London to every Prime Minister that’s been in since that period of time, asking them to do an investigation into the Bonnybridge phenomena.

“When the Scottish Parliament was set up, I went to the Scottish Parliament the same and asked them to investigate what was happening in the Bonnybridge area.

“And as yet there is no politician or political party or government or prime minister who has taken it on.”

Councillor Billy Buchanan has called on the government to launch an investigation.
YouTube/Becarios del Misterio

Off the back of the sightings, ufologists from across the globe have come to visit the area, but as yet it’s not clear why the area is so popular with extraterrestrials.

A spokesperson for the documentary told the Falkirk Herald: “Bonnybridge is a small Scottish town located right in the middle of the so-called Falkirk Triangle, one of the areas with the most UFO sightings in the world.

"In just over 20 square miles the imaginary triangle that joins the towns of Stirling, Cumbernauld and Falkirk – with a population of about 165,000 – more than 60,000 people say they have had a sighting or that they strongly believe in it.”

If you’re keen to find out more, you can view the full documentary here.

Featured Image Credit: Jordi Busquets/YouTube

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