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Woman Praises Dog For Keeping Her Safe When She Was 'Followed By Strange Man'

Woman Praises Dog For Keeping Her Safe When She Was 'Followed By Strange Man'

She said the dog began to bark at the man until he left

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman has praised her dog for keeping her safe when she approached by a strange while out walking at 5am.

Lorraine Scott was out walking her German shepherd Toby on Leasowe beach on the Wirral in Merseyside at around 4.50am when she got 'freaked out' by a stranger who started following her.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Lorraine said as she arrived at the car park to the beach she saw a maroon car that had followed her over to where she parked, but that she didn't think too much of it at the time.

But as she got out of her car she noticed the man did the same and slowly started to make his way toward her while 'scanning the area' intensely.

Leasowe beach in Wallasey.

Lorraine said: "At this point I started to get really panicky and I just froze.

"I couldn't really do anything, I just froze."

As the bloke got nearer to the passenger side of Lorraine's car Toby began to react to his presence, prompting the man to make a quick exit.

She went on: "Toby started barking and going mad at him and then straight away the man jumped and ran straight back into his car and drove away very quickly.

"I'm just really happy I had my protector with me. He's naturally a protective breed and because of our bond he will always protect me."

Lorraine was left feeling shaken up and 'freaked out' by the incident, as she 'didn't know how to react'.

She said she will now only walk Toby with her husband.

Posting about the incident on Facebook page, Lorraine said: "If I had been on my own, this might have been a different story - luckily my German shepherd is protective of me.

Lorraine Scott praised her protective German shepherd pooch. (Stock image).

"I've been at this beach before and never had anything like this happen and there are always people camping the night there so never usually thought anything strange about people being parked up there.

"Hopefully this post will make people aware there are some weirdos about and to be extra careful, so glad I have a German shepherd to protect me."

Lorraine said the man was around 5ft 8in, with a slim build and a shaved head. He was dressed in a black tracksuit and black t-shirt.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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