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Ukrainian Government Urges Citizens To Change Road Signs To 'F*** Off' To Confuse Russian Troops

Ukrainian Government Urges Citizens To Change Road Signs To 'F*** Off' To Confuse Russian Troops

The agency shared an example of a doctored road sign which told Russians to 'F**k off'

A government agency Ukraine is urging residents to change road signs to confuse Russian troops and has shared a colourful example to make its point.

The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine has urged residents to implement the tried and tested tactic that was once used by Brits during the Second World War. 

And to get the message across it shared a mocked up image of a road sign that tells Russians to 'f**k off'.

In the image, a road sign can be seen, with one arrow pointing ahead which reads, "F* *k off," an arrow pointing to the left reads "Again, f**k off," and the arrow pointing to the right reads, "F**k off back to Russia."

I think they’ve made their point quite clear. 


In a statement, the agency said: “We are dismantling road signs on all roads in the country. Priority #1 - signs, names of settlements.

"The enemy has a pathetic connection, they do not focus on the terrain.

"Let's help them get straight to hell.

"Ukravtodor calls on all road organisations, territorial communities, local governments to immediately begin dismantling road signs nearby."

The move is reminiscent of steps taken by Winston Churchill’s government during World War II.

The British government famously instructed all signposts be removed as part of its anti-invasion preparations to thwart potential enemy ground movements.

The clear message to Vladimir Putin's forces comes after 13 Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island in the Black Sea reportedly defiantly told a Russian warship to 'go f**k yourself'. 


In audio shared online, the Russian warship broadcasts to those on the island and tells them to surrender or they will be fired upon.

The defiant Ukrainians then broadcast back: "Go f**k yourself."

Although it was previously reported all the men had died, it has today (28 February) been confirmed they are alive. 

The news was announced by Illia Ponomarenko, defence reporter for The Kyiv Independent, who tweeted: "It’s official. Snake Island sailors are alive, Navy confirms.

"They were taken prisoner by Russia."

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash/Twitter

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