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American dad strips down to crop top in meeting to protest dress code

American dad strips down to crop top in meeting to protest dress code

He went to some unusual lengths to make his point

An irate dad stripped off down to shorts and teeny tiny crop top to make a point about changes to a school uniform policy.

Ira Latham, who has four school-aged children, went along to a school board meeting in Arizona where he decided to put on a display to make his point.

In footage of the meeting, the dad can be seen making his way to the podium where he starts to address the room.

He says: “Under the proposed policy, this would be appropriate in a classroom,” and begins to undress revealing a black strappy crop top under his shirt. Looking good, pal.

He then does a quick spin so that onlookers can see his outfit in its entirety.

Latham then hit out against the new uniform policy, which he believes is too lax.

“As a dad, that’s very concerned about my children as well as everyone else’s kids in the district, I wanted to make a clear argument,” he said.

Ira Latham stripped off to make a point about a new uniform policy.
Higley Unified School District

The old policy in the district banned kids from showing off their chest, abdomen, or midriff - but the newly updated policy only prohibits pupils from showing their underwear.

Lathan thinks that the updated policy doesn’t give youngsters enough guidance on what is appropriate to wear for classes.

He continued: “Before they had some guidance, but now they have no guidance. It’s just, ‘Kids, cover your underwear.’”

However, despite his attention-grabbing speech the board voted three to two on the updated policy.

Tiffany Shultz, governing board president, said Latham’s stunt had been ‘great for news’, but that it didn’t make any difference to the meeting.

“He made his statement and we carried on with our business. We heard from other speakers and moved on,” Shultz said.

The dad-of-four failed to win over the panel and they voted in favour of the new policy.
Higley Unified School District

“As a board we voted to ultimately let parents and families decide what is appropriate for them. It is the parents and family’s choice and as long as it doesn’t disrupt the school day, it would be a non-issue.”

She went on to say the dress code policy is similar to other area schools.

“We want teachers to be teaching and not having to waste time measuring a girl’s shirt or making a girl feel uncomfortable,” Shultz said. “

To summarize, this was to allow families to decide, move our policies forward and allow teachers to concentrate on teaching.”

But Anna Van Hoek - who voted against the changes - said she had concerns parents weren’t being listened to.

“The fact that we have adults advocating for children to have less clothing on is absurd to me,” she said.

Featured Image Credit: AZ Family/CBS

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