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Conman Billy McFarland announces Fyre Festival 2 and tickets are extortionate

Conman Billy McFarland announces Fyre Festival 2 and tickets are extortionate

Although an exact date is yet to be announced, ticket prices have already been revealed

Convicted fraudster Billy McFarland has shared plans to put on a second Fyre Festival. And who can blame him after the massive success of the first one, eh?

The festival’s co-founder has announced that Fyre Festival II, will be held in the Caribbean sometime towards the end of next year.

In a clip shared on YouTube, a white-bathrobe clad McFarland said: "This is a big day.

"It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it really all started during a seventh-month stint in solitary confinement. I wrote out this 50-page plan of how it would take this overall interest and demand in Fyre and how it would take my ability bring people from around the world together to make the impossible happen."

Billy McFarland was released from prison last year.
YouTube / Instagram/@pyrtbilly

McFarland said he was working with ‘best partners in the world’, who had given him the opportunity for ‘me to be me, while executing Fyre's vision to the highest level’.

He went on to say that after considering locations in the Middle East and South America, he had eventually settled on the Caribbean - and teased ‘pop-ups and events’ across the globe prior to the festival’s relaunch.

"In the meantime, we'll be doing pop-ups and events across the world," he said.

"Guys, this is your chance to get in. This is everything I've been working towards. Let's f***ing go."

Despite their not yet being a specific date or location, ticket prices have been revealed and will set folks back as much as $7,999 (£6,259).

The festival’s site lists ticket prices starting at $499 (£313) for ‘The First 100’ tickets, with the price then rising to $799 (£625) for the 101 to 500 tickets sold. ‘Pre-sale 1’ tickets start at $1,799 (£1,407) with ‘Pre-sale last chance’ tickets a whopping $7,999.

The food served up at Fyre Festival didn’t quite meet the standards promised.

It’s fair to say that the first Frye Festival was an unmitigated disaster, so much so that it sparked a hit Netflix documentary and landed McFarland in jail for fraud.

Promotional materials promised festival-goers a luxury festival experience in the Bahamas, but once arriving punters soon realised that the reality was in stark contrast to what they had been sold.

McFarland was taken to court over the botched festival where he pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud.

He was sentenced to six-years inside and was released from prison last year, after which he issued a tearful apology.

This time around, Fyre Festival’s original co-founder, Ja Rule, has stated in no uncertain terms that he is not involved.

He told People: "I don't know nothing about it! I don't know nothing about it. I ain't in it!"

The rapper previously claimed he had been ‘scammed’ and ‘bamboozled’ just like everyone else.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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