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Eerie Chris Watts family home has undergone a big change after finally being bought

Eerie Chris Watts family home has undergone a big change after finally being bought

Chris Watts is currently serving five life sentences for the murders of his wife and children

Warning: This story contains content some readers may find disturbing.

Chris Watts’ eerie family home has undergone a big change after it was finally bought.

In 2018, the convicted murderer strangled his pregnant wife Shanann before also killing their daughters, Bella, four, and Celeste, three.

Currently serving five life sentences, his horrific crimes are relived in Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door.

After initially appearing on TV to beg the public to share information about his ‘missing’ wife and children, he confessed to the murders, agreeing a plea deal to avoid a possible death penalty.

Watts murdered his wife at home, writing in letters to author Cheryln Cadle about his previous failed attempts to kill them.

After killing his wife, he buried her in a shallow grave and then dumped the two little girls’ bodies in crude oil tanks.

For a long while after this, the Colorado home sat empty with estate agents believing the terrible history was holding it back.

Watts killed Shanann Watts and their daughters.

Eventually, the Millers family bought it for $600,000 (£476,790) in 2022 with the agent writing on social media that the new owners ‘cannot wait to put love, family, and laughter back into this house’.

The Watts were the first owners of the home with views of the Rocky Mountains and 4,200 square-foot of space.

Chris Watts in body cam footage.
Weld County DA
A listing photo of the same location.
Rocket Homes

The home was once dark-fronted with various shades of brown covering the exterior and porch.

But now, according to a YouTube channel dedicated to Shanann and her children, the place looks completely different.

It seems the owners have got rid of the very dark frontage and swapped it to a brighter white colour with some black features and the original brick.

How the house looked when Chris Watts lived there.
The home was once all brown outside.
YouTube/Shining Light

Users on Reddit say they’re ‘glad to see the new family making it their own’.

Another did add: “Looks better. As much as I'm not generally superstitious, I don't personally think I could sleep in a room where I knew a woman had been murdered, but it's a nice house and I hope the new owners are happy there.”

But others put: “Life goes on. That's what's supposed to happen.

"The best way to erase what Chris Watts did is to move on and have life continue.

"Don't forget the victims, but don't let Chris Watts continue to disrupt the lives of people in the neighborhood by having the house sit there, dark, brooding and empty.

"Moving on allows the collateral victims continue their lives. So I am glad to see it looking like just another house. It is a house that has life again. That's how it should be.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix / YouTube / Shining Light

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