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Couple have ‘dream wedding dinner' shut down after just a ‘10-minute ceremony’ by police

Couple have ‘dream wedding dinner' shut down after just a ‘10-minute ceremony’ by police

It went from a dream wedding to the stuff of nightmares within minutes

A couple saw their 'dream wedding' turn into a nightmare after the police showed up to tell them the party was over.

In November 2022 it was time for Holliann Tran to get married and she thought she'd found the perfect place.

A wild-west style venue called Wrangler's Roost in Arizona was exactly what she wanted, reckoning it had 'really beautiful' desert scenery and would be in the middle of everyone's families so they could all reach it.

Holliann rented the venue for her big day, with the bride telling AZ Family they'd showed her pictures of other weddings being held at the place.

All seemed to be perfectly in order, only Wrangler's Roost didn't have permission to host events like weddings and the police showed up on Holliann's wedding day to shut things down.

Holliann Tran was not happy to discover her 'dream wedding' was being shut down.
AZ Family

According to the local Sheriff's Office the venue is a business being run out of somebody's home, and it's been a nuisance for locals for a long time.

Sergeant Joaquin Enriquez of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office told AZ Family they'd been called out plenty of times over complaints with the venue.

He said: "Since about July of 2021, there has been 61 calls for service. You may say 'is that a lot?'

"That is a lot of time and resources that we have dedicated to this problem."

Local man Marko Dapevich claimed that the noise from the place was so bad that in the bedroom of his home at night the sound levels were approaching 60 decibels, which for context is the sound of a regular conversation.

Imagine trying to get to sleep while someone's playing music at the volume of a conversation in your house and you'll get the idea.

She burst into tears when she was told her wedding was being shut down.
AZ Family

As for Holliann's wedding, she said there was a 'beautiful 10 minute ceremony' but pretty much as soon as the DJ started up the police arrived on the scene.

Officers told the new bride they 'have to shut it down' and that she 'rented a venue that's not actually a venue'.

Bodycam footage from the officers who showed up to stop the wedding showed the bride in tears after being told the place she'd booked wasn't allowed to host her wedding party.

The bride said she had no idea about the issues with the venue and it had 'looked like an actual, legal venue' when the police arrived.

When she contacted the owners they told her to just turn the music back on, but ultimately everyone had to head home for the night.

She did get some of her money back, but in the end she can't re-do her wedding day.

Featured Image Credit: AZ Family

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