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Man goes viral for casually picking up live shark with his bare hands

Man goes viral for casually picking up live shark with his bare hands

He's a very brave man

If you don't have a phobia of sharks, you'll stand out from the crowd.

But for most, the idea of being within a mile of one is terrifying enough to leg it home, let alone the thought of actually touching one.

Not this man, though.

This man seems to have a way with the creatures, and even has a whole website, Instagram page and YouTube channel dedicated to his fishing adventures.

Known as Hood Fishing Entertainment, he doesn't reveal his real name anywhere, but states on his website that he is 'a kid from the hood that has started a social media account to document and share his life of fishing and building'.

Based in Southwestern Florida, he boasts 608k followers on his Instagram and 208k subscribers on YouTube.

Hoodfishing Entertainment casually holding a sea predator up.
Instagram / @hoodfishing_entertainment

His videos include explainers on how to catch fish and fishing challenges against opponents.

Garnering almost 30 million views across his videos, there is definitely an audience that he is satisfying.

In the post, he is snapped holding up the sea creature with the caption 'Another day another SHARK'.

He even managed to get two different angles with it, showing no fear at all in being near an actual predator, which makes sense as he has also claimed that sharks fear him, not the other way around.

The most impressive part? The shark was apparently still alive the whole time and is filmed swimming away at the end.

Fans of the brave fishermen shared their amazement in the comments.

One user commented: "Man caught a whole great white like it’s a catfish."

Another put: "Walking the shark like a dog bruh different"

A third said: "Damn….real Florida boy in the water with the sharks"

A fourth revealed: "Crazy thing is I went swimming there last summer".

Doesn't look too hard, maybe we can all look for a shark to take a snap with next time we go to the beach?

He eventually set the shark free after the photo.  Instagram / @hoodfishing_entertainment
He eventually set the shark free after the photo. Instagram / @hoodfishing_entertainment

Hoodfish Entertainment also offers guided fishing trips across Southwest Florida where you can book it weeks/months in advance, with his website also having a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

The man writes: "My goal is to become a professional fisherman and to share my passion for fishing with people. Becoming a professional fisherman involves dedication, hard work, and perseverance."

In a heartfelt section on his site, he has also stated that he wants to share his knowledge and inspire the next generation of fishermen, growing the community.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @hoodfishing_entertainment

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