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Mum banned for promoting adult website at her kid's school after complaint from parents

Mum banned for promoting adult website at her kid's school after complaint from parents

The school have told her to take the OnlyFans advert off her car

A mum has been told she's not allowed to drop her kids off at school after she put an advert for her OnlyFans account on her car.

Michelle Cline told Fox 12 Oregon that Liberty Christian Prep School was making her drop her kids off across the street.

She claimed it meant her children were having to cross a busy road and walk through the car park to get into school.

Cline, who goes by the name Piper Fawn on adult content site OnlyFans, say's she's been told she's not allowed to park at the school to drop her kids off until she takes the advert off her car.

The Florida woman's car currently bears a large decal across the rear window, with the same advert on the back of her husband's vehicle too.

Michelle Cline advertises her OnlyFans account on her car.
WPLG Local 10

The school itself is a private fee-paying Christian school and some of the other parents have complained, saying they don't want their children seeing adverts for OnlyFans.

"That’s a distraction to my children," fellow parent Lexy Thomas told Fox.

"And no matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that’s kind of the first thing they’re seeing when they’re going into a place that should be educating them.

"It’s not just a tiny little emblem on the back of a car, it is taking up the entire windshield."

Cline says her kids school won't let her drop her kids off there as her car has an ad for her OnlyFans.
Facebook/Piper Fawn

Responding to the complaints lodged by fellow parents of the school, Cline said her OnlyFans work 'supports my family' and 'provides a very comfortable way of life for us'.

She also wanted the school to at least provide a safe way for her children to cross the road if she's still not allowed to drop them off directly.

Cline told Business Insider that it was only in the last few weeks that other parents had made a complaint to the school.

The mum-of-three has two of her children attending the private school and she said they don't think it was a 'big deal'.

The mum has said she won't take the OnlyFans decal off her car as it's not illegal.
Facebook/Piper Fawn

She also claimed that while she understands she's 'ruffling feathers' she reckons the other kids at the school aren't that bothered about the OnlyFans decal on her car even though their parents have complained.

She added that other children could also see her car outside of a school context as well.

The Florida mum is also not planning to 'back down' and remove the decal as it's 'certainly not illegal' to advertise.

LADbible Group has contacted Liberty Christian Prep School for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Piper Fawn

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