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Outrage as influencer asks company for 'free car' in exchange for 'exposure'

Outrage as influencer asks company for 'free car' in exchange for 'exposure'

A woman has been called out after trying to get a free car

A so-called influencer has caused absolute outrage at asking for a free car. Seriously, you will not believe the outrage they have caused.

In the wake of 'cake gate' this week, which saw a company acting on behalf of former Coronation Street star, Catherine Tyldesly, ask a bakery for free food, the spotlight has been put on social media personas.

And in a post to Reddit, one social media star has been called out for asking a firm if they could have a car for free.

I mean, if you don't ask, you don't get, right? Well, they asked, and they certainly did not get, it will not surprise you to learn.

Sharing the email, the user said: "I work for a car finance company's customer service team and recently received this email. My response boiled down to a polite 'lol no'."

An influencer tried their luck at getting a free car.

Said email read: "Hi there, I'm just reaching out to hopefully get the opportunity to test out one of your vehicles. I will return the favour by advertising the vehicle on Facebook and Instagram.

"I currently have over 33,000 on Instagram and around 6,000 on my business Facebook. And over 1,000 friends on my original Facebook. I'm currently learning to drive."

It goes on: "I currently own a provisional license. I am on disability benefits because I do suffer with anxiety, so I find learning with instructors I don't know quite overwhelming, hence why my neighbours are both willing to teach me.

"I would like to take this opportunity to see if you would be willing to loan me a vehicle or gift me a vehicle. I would prefer an automatic but I'd be massively grateful for any."

The message went on to say that they would also be willing to rent a motor if their initial terms were not agreeable.

It said: "If you are not willing to gift or loan me a vehicle, is there any chance I could rent one from you. Second hand would also be massively appreciated.

An influencer was called out for her request.

"I am a 32-year-old single mum who has a big goal to pass my test by the time I reach 33. I would love to be able to drive my daughter to and from school, and I would love for you to help me achieve this goal.

"Financially, I can't afford a new car. So I'm hoping you can help me achieve my goal. Thank you so much."

Reacting to the email, people couldn't believe what they were reading.

"I was laughing to myself at how clueless teenagers are until I got to the last paragraph and saw that she’s in her 30s," commented one user.

Another chimed in: "Haha...what a spirited try though!"

"Please let me wreck you car. For free," put a third.

While someone else added: "At least she said thanks."

The outrage!

Featured Image Credit: JadeStarfall/Reddit/Oscar Wong/getty

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