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Man cut in half by forklift used to be a wrestler before horrific accident

Man cut in half by forklift used to be a wrestler before horrific accident

Loren Schauers was cut in half by a forklift in 2019

A man who was cut in half by a forklift has revealed he used to be a wrestler before the horrifying accident that changed his life.

In September 2019, Loren Schauers, from Montana, was driving a forklift across a bridge in the US when it veered off and plummeted 50ft to the ground.

Schauers - who was just 18 at the time - was pinned to the ground beneath the four-ton vehicle, leaving him with life-changing injuries.

He lost three limbs as a result of the accident and he made the brave decision to let medics perform hemicorporectomy surgery - where everything below his waist was amputated - to save his life.

Since then, Schauers has opened up on his life changing injuries, and even made the brave decision to share pictures of the moment that nearly killed him.

He and his wife Sabia have even created a YouTube channel, where they update fans with what's going on in their lives, including any important health updates.

Loren and Sabia use social media to document their lives.

The pair have recently returned to the popular video platform app after a short hiatus, documenting some of the fun activities they've been getting up to over the summer.

In recent videos, viewers spotted Schauers donning a new look, courtesy of some new tattoos and piercings.

Schauers and his wife have seemingly had an action packed summer, including a date out with friends at a fun fair and medieval event full of awesome fancy dress.

One particular moment of a recent video has grabbed many people's attention, as Schauers revealed a rather surprising revelation after a play fight with Sabia.

It was certainly a sweet moment...
YouTube/Sabia and Loren

As a friend of the pair is filming them, Sabia climbs behind her husband and playfully wraps her arm around his shoulders.

However, old pastimes seemingly came into play for Schauers as he struggled to break free, thinking he was in a headlock.

All is well though, as the couple broke out into laughter, with Sabia repeatedly tapping the mattress like a defeated WWE star.

As Schauers gently pushed his wife away, he boasted: "I used to be a wrestler get out. You're not going to choke me out, I used to be a wrestler."

Sabia was seemingly a little surprised at what had just occurred, something that was certainly evident on camera.

"It just all happened so fast, I was just going for a hug," she said.

"The next thing I knew we're wrestling, the next thing you took me down."

It all ended on a romantic note though as Schauers kissed his wife's hand before they took a breather.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sabia and Loren

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