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Woman filmed ranting at passengers before telling them she’s ’Instagram famous’

Woman filmed ranting at passengers before telling them she’s ’Instagram famous’

She kicked off at people on the aircraft before telling a 'f**king bum' to film her

Planes seem to be some kind of hotspot for people just publicly losing their s**t.

Personally, when I’m stepping on an aircraft to travel somewhere, I like to relax. You know, pop on a neck pillow, binge a series I’ve downloaded on Netflix, make the most of the mini drinks and maybe even have a nap.

But some seem to see it as a place to join the mile high club or simply to have a good old rant. Everyone has their own form of therapy, I guess.

And this woman decided to blast out a load of swear words as she told passengers she is ‘Instagram famous’ in a viral video.

Shared to X (formerly Twitter), the clip shows the woman shouting across the plane as she walks up the aisle and carries her bag by her side.

Appearing to be having a proper go at someone in particular, she says: “Shut the f**k up and you're b***h.”

“You shut the f- film me, I’m Instagram famous you f**king bum,” she says after noticing the camera.

'I'm Instagram famous you f**king bum.'

She can then be heard adding one last ‘shut the f**k up’ as she walks away.

There’s a mixture of shouts back and laughs from passengers all sitting down as one shouts ‘goodbye’.

One user on X wrote: “Imagine being this entitled.”

Others said: “Imagine thinking Instagram famous means anything.”

And another asked if it’s like ‘being a millionaire in Monopoly’.

Turns out, however, she actually is Instagram famous. Got to give her that.

Morgan Osman.

Even admitting it is her, the woman in the video is Morgan Osman, with over 970,000 followers on Instagram.

The fashion designer appeared on episodes of Bad Girls Club back in 2010 and is from Miami, Florida.

Her Instagram is flooded with bikini photos and selfies, and she seems to live a pretty lavish life.

Fans commented on Osman's most recent video to say: “You did nothing wrong queen", with others backing her as they commented: “QUEEEEN you ended those ppl on the plane.”

Another put: “Idk and idc what happened, I’m on your side.”

It’s not yet confirmed just why she was kicking off but it’s reported she was shouting ‘call me a b***h again’ as she took her bags from the overhead bin.

LADbible has contacted Osman for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: X/@stillgray

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