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Mystery of new Bigfoot footage could finally be solved

Mystery of new Bigfoot footage could finally be solved

The new Colorado footage of Bigfoot might not be the beast after all.

Sorry Bigfoot fans, but the recent footage that sparked a frenzy online might not be Bigfoot after all.

Earlier this week, a video was shared online of what appeared to be a real life Bigfoot making its way across a scrubland in Colorado.

The clip was taken by a passenger on a Narrow Gauge train journey from Durango to Silverton on Sunday (8 October) who was hoping to spot some elk - but ended up finding something a lot more interesting.

The video shows 'Bigfoot' casually walking along before squatting down and blending in with the surrounding area.

While people were very excited about the incredibly clear footage of what was thought to be Bigfoot, someone online has argued a very good case that good proves that it's not actually the beast.

The video went viral online.
Shannon Parker/Facebook

According to one X user, apparently the area is popular for Bigfoot themed expeditions, and one guy who owns Sasquatch Expedition Campers frequently dresses up as the mythical creature.

A segment on the expedition's page reads: "Like those in search of the legendary Sasquatch, we believe in searching for something more.

"We’re building a community of believers to create a supportive and inclusive space for adventure seekers, because sharing experience with others makes the journey and destination that much more rewarding.

"We believe in being stewards of our land, and through combined actions can care for and nurture our wonderful world for generations to come."

Next to the paragraph of text is what appears to be someone dressed in a Bigfoot outfit - one that looks undeniably similar to what was seen on the viral video.

There's a chance the company was behind the video.
Sasquatch Expedition Campers

A bit like the guy who apparently dresses up as Bigfoot for expedition-goers, another man dedicated to keeping the idea of the mythical beast alive was Eugene Hendrick.

Eugene spent 50 years of his life tricking an entire town into thinking that Bigfoot was real.

His antics dated back to the 1970s after people spotted what they thought to be footprints by a river.

Eugene told WFSA: “I got a wild hair one day. I wanted to do something about a Sasquatch.

“I cut some big ole feet and bolted some shoes to them and walked around by the river making tracks. I even made claw marks in the trees.”

Eugene's pranks over the years worked so well that at one point the police and search dogs showed up.

Impressively, Eugene managed to keep his antics a secret up until 2017.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Shannon Parker

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