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‘Bigfoot’ spotted sneaking through mountain in unbelievably clear video

‘Bigfoot’ spotted sneaking through mountain in unbelievably clear video

It's the most convincing Bigfoot sighting you'll ever see

Bigfoot deniers have been left in an absolute shambles after the latest footage of the wandering wonder is surely undeniable proof that he exists.

Either that or someone really loves clambering across the scrubland in Colorado in a way that's reminiscent of Bigfoot.

Passengers on board a Narrow Gauge train journey from Durango to Silverton on Sunday (8 October) were trying to spot an elk when instead they caught a glimpse of something far more interesting.

The ever-elusive Bigfoot has been spotted several times in the past but it's rare to get such clear footage of what is very definitely him.

A video taken from the train showed Bigfoot walking in view of the train before squatting down amidst the scrub of Colorado.

Bigfoot has somehow managed to stay off the grid while actively travelling around the US for decades, but he keeps getting spotted by people with cameras wherever he goes.

There's Bigfoot! What do you mean you can barely see him and that could be anyone?
Facebook/Shannon Parker

Drone footage has proven to be plenty effective in spotting the mysterious figure but even with all this evidence some people just aren't ready to believe in a giant man wandering around in the middle of nowhere.

Perhaps that because some people have played tricks on entire towns to make them think Bigfoot was their neighbour, but since the elusive fellow doesn't have a PR department to knock down scurrilous rumours there are plenty who have the wrong idea about him.

Still, there are always more people ready to produce new video evidence that Bigfoot is out there even if his appearance seems to change quite dramatically from video to video.

While most videos of Bigfoot just appear to show him strolling around, there are people who claim he's gone a bit feral and attacked them.

Reaction to the Bigfoot sighting was pretty mixed but that's got to be him, right?

As with any sighting of Bigfoot people are split over whether it's a rare sighting of the real thing, this time spotted clambering across a mountain in Colorado, or just an imposter in a sasquatch costume.

Some commenters wondered how his fur could be so 'clean and shiny for someone who lives out in the desert', but perhaps Bigfoot just has a great taste in shampoo and conditioner.

Another claimed it was a 'rented costume' but you'd then have to wonder why someone would rent a Bigfoot costume and walk around in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone with a camera to take pictures.

A third said this latest sighting was 'good footage' of Bigfoot and 'for sure not a bear', leaving them 'not sure what to think'.

So what do you think, Bigfoot or bogus?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Shannon Parker

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