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Outraged plane passenger called a ‘selfish a**hole’ after refusing to move to middle seat for family

Outraged plane passenger called a ‘selfish a**hole’ after refusing to move to middle seat for family

They had booked a window seat to help with their nausea

When it comes to transportation, flying can easily be up there as one of the most unpleasant ways to get around.

Yes, it is convenient and considerably quicker than train or boat, but unless you're rich enough to shell out for a seat in business or even first class, then the miracle of flight has become just so many sardines in a tin full of recycled air and existential terror.

And that's before you even get into what happens when something kicks off with other passengers, as one US passenger found out to their immense discomfort on a Delta Airlines flight.

Assigned seating can be the source of much conflict on flights.
Hispanolistic / Getty

In a post on Reddit, the passenger described how he suffers from nausea when flying - that is, unless, he can look out of the window to focus.

This is also improved more in the centre of the aircraft by the wings, as this doesn't up up and down as much as the front or back of the plane.

When they sat down in their allocated seat, they found that they were sat next to two children in their early teens. It was at this point that the children's mother arrived and demanded that the passenger swap seats so she could sit with them.

The passenger checked, and saw that the mum's seat was in the middle, which wouldn't help with their nausea.

But they were willing to swap with the woman's husband who was by the window.

However, they claim that things took a turn, with the mother saying: “Don’t bring my husband into this, this about needing to sit next to my kids.”

The passenger refused to swap seats.
izusek / Getty

Needless to say things only got worse from there, with a flight attendant even arriving and asking the passenger to swap seats.

However, the passenger thought it was more for an easier flight than them siding with the mother.

In the end, they refused to move from their reserved seat, with the mother calling them a 'selfish a**hole' for not agreeing to swap.

In fairness, if it is the first time that a child is flying on a plane and a parent politely asks if they can sit in the window, then the nice thing to do would be to switch. There's no obligation to with bookings and suchlike, but it would be the kind thing to do.

Sometimes, however, it's not so much a polite request as a demand, which is a different thing entirely.

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