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Teenager left hanging by broken leg on power line after car crash says it actually saved her life

Teenager left hanging by broken leg on power line after car crash says it actually saved her life

She was thrown into the air by a car crash and dangled from a power line by her broken leg

A woman who was in a horrific car crash and ended up dangling from some power lines by a broken leg says it actually saved her life.

In 2021, Idaho teenager Kennedy Littledike was driving home with two friends in the car when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a power pole.

Kennedy was thrown out of her car and left dangling from a power line 30ft in the air by her broken leg for an hour before she could be rescued and rushed to hospital.

In the end, her injuries were so severe that she had to be placed in a medical coma and her leg was amputated, while she also suffered partial paralysis in one of her arms.

Kennedy Littledike had to have her leg amputated after the horrific car crash.
Kennedy News and Media

She was worried that her injuries would mean she'd never find love but she's since ended up in the 'happiest relationship' with a new boyfriend.

At the time of the crash, Kennedy had only just broken up with her previous partner and 'was still kind of a wreck', leading two of her best friends to try and cheer her up.

"I started crying and I lost control of the vehicle. I started going off the left side of the road and I overcorrected too far and went off the right side of the road," she said of her crash and ordeal.

"My car went down a little bit into the ditch and I then hit a power pole. My side of the vehicle hit the pole and it flipped us sideways. We started flipping and rolling. I was the first one out of my door because it was torn off.

The teenager was left dangling from a power line by her broken leg for an hour.
Kennedy News and Media

"When I was ejected I was left hanging on a power line 30 ft up, upside down.

"I remember I started to cry but I knew I couldn't cry because if I were to cry I was going to die. I pulled myself together.

"My memory then fades out again and comes back to a tonne of people underneath me. I was up there for an hour and I was hanging by my broken leg."

She remembered that the only time she 'cried and screamed' was when the emergency services put a tourniquet on her and 'had to take my bone back from the wire'.

The teen explained that she felt 'a sense of relief' once she was on the stretcher as she 'didn't have to fight anymore' after spending an hour hanging from a wire by her broken leg.

Her car was absolutely wrecked in the crash.
Kennedy News and Media

Her dad had to break the news to her that her leg had been amputated, and Kennedy said she was 'glad I was the only one' as she blamed herself for the crash.

As odd as it sounds, her being stuck on the power line actually saved her life, as the main artery in her leg was pinched off by it and the main one in her arm was cauterised when she was electrocuted by the line.

Without landing on the power line, she could have died from blood loss before help arrived, or from further injuries sustained by landing back on the ground instead of hanging from a wire 30ft high.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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