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Man urged to get a lawyer after angry neighbours are caught cutting down shared fence

Katherine Sidnell

| Last updated 

On most streets there will be at least one nightmare neighbour – we just hope yours isn’t as bad as this.

In a now-viral video, one man had to watch as next-door tore down his fence with a chainsaw and angrily shouted at him whilst doing so. (Charming!)

Understandably, the unnamed man has been advised to call in the lawyers after they damaged the property boundary.

The cameraman was shocked by his nasty neighbours. Credit: TikTok/ Tiffany Mraj
The cameraman was shocked by his nasty neighbours. Credit: TikTok/ Tiffany Mraj

The TikTok clip, uploaded by user Tiffany Mraj, shows the couple cutting into the fence and breaking the otherwise serene atmosphere on the Toronto street.

In broad daylight, the pair hack away at the wooden property boundary – which had looked relatively untouched beforehand.

Shocked by what they are witnessing, the homeowner films the woman as she then pulls the offending fence down and almost takes out a tree behind her.

“Why don’t you get a lawyer and get the papers?” asked the man, still in sheer disbelief about what is happening to his home.


To which, the elderly woman angrily responds: “Call your lawyer! Call your lawyer!”

He calmly added: “Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to yell?..You don’t even have a survey to do this stuff.”

As the clip continues, she screams: “How do you know I don’t have a survey?”

The rest is then inaudible over the sound of the chainsaw, as her other half dutifully cuts away at the wood.


“Where is your survey? Show me your survey!” She then yells, hurling about abuse and pointing at her neighbour.

If that weren’t bad enough, she then taunts her neighbour telling him to call the police.

After 1.1 million people watched the now-viral video, many TikTok users have urged the cameraman to seek legal support.

The couple then continue to chop the fence down. Credit: TikTok/Tiffany Mraj
The couple then continue to chop the fence down. Credit: TikTok/Tiffany Mraj

In fact, this happened almost immediately after the video was uploaded.

One of the first comments even read: “Oh my god please tell me you call the police. please tell me you have a lawyer?”

Another added: “Take them to court use the videos you have made and take them to court.”

Others were confused as to what the nasty neighbours’ issue was, with one commenter writing: “why do ppl get so offended by a fence. I would be very happy with 15 ft fence between me and neighbor.”


It looks like we’ll get multiple updates about the offending fence as there is already another video about the incident.

During the second video, the woman continues to hack away at the fence and comes dangerously close to their next-door neighbour.

Instead of stopping though, the woman screams for the vlogger to ‘get out’ of her property.

Here’s hoping that the TikToker can get better boundaries soon.

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Katherine Sidnell
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