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Busker catches and takes down man who attempted to steal money

Simon Fearn

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A would-be-thief got more than he bargained for when he attempted to nick loose change from a busker.

Jason Allan was minding his own business, crooning for passersby in Reading, when a man who seemed a little worse for wear, goes up to talk to him.

He asks Jason if he could use his guitar - except he doesn’t have one and is singing to backing music.

If he’d brought one, I’m sure Jason would be totally chill with lending his guitar to a complete stranger in the street.


The man, presumably looking for something else to nick, then appears not to be able to tell the difference between a microphone and a tripod.

Jason seems to grow a bit tired with his antics, saying: “Stop trying to find ways around me, like go away.

“I’ve been really polite. Go away.”

It’s at this point the man makes a dive for Jason’s loose change in his guitar case - but he isn’t prepared for Jason’s lightning fast reactions.

Don't mess with busker Jason Allan, guys. Credit: TikTok / @imjasonallan
Don't mess with busker Jason Allan, guys. Credit: TikTok / @imjasonallan

Jason restrains him in a headlock, while other passersby claim the man has been causing them trouble too.

Jason tells the would-be-thief: “You’re a naughty little man, aren’t ye.”

Responding to comments on the video, Jason said he was glad he ‘finally got to show everyone my white belt skills’.


TikTokers were pretty impressed with Jason’s handling of the situation.

One wrote: “Well deserved. Legend mate, that must’ve felt good to put him in his place.”

Another said: “Well done mate, he deserved everything he got here.”

A third added: “If this don't work out can get a job in security fr [for real] SLICK.”


This isn’t the first time Allan has been praised for how he handles run-ins with the general public.

Jason was pleased to 'finally show off to everyone my white belt skills'. Credit: Instagram/@imjasonallan
Jason was pleased to 'finally show off to everyone my white belt skills'. Credit: Instagram/@imjasonallan

In another TikTok video, a woman can be heard kicking off about how he prices his CDs, saying: “The world is suffering and you’re trying to charge people £20 because you sang?

“You’re not even famous.”


His CDs are priced £10 for one, £15 for two or all three for £20, if you were wondering.

Jason was having none of the woman’s nonsense, saying: “So just an FYI - no one has to buy the CDs, but thank you for your opinion anyway.

“Can everyone say bye? Round of applause for that lady everyone. Bye. Bye. Have fun in life with that way of thinking. I’m sure it serves you really well.”

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Simon Fearn
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