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Warning issued over USOs and why they pose such a threat

Warning issued over USOs and why they pose such a threat

Move over UFOS, there are now USOs and they're considered 'the greatest hazard'

UFOs and strange sightings in space are nothing new, but now it appears that it's not just things way up in the sky that we should be afraid of.

Apparently, what's in the deepest oceans on Earth is what we should be more scared of, especially as it could pose a huge danger to those spending their lives at sea.

What's in deep in the sea has been described as 'the greatest hazard' to the US Navy.

Scot Christenson, director of communications for the U.S. Naval Institute, writes 'USOs (unidentified submerged objects) not UFOs have presented the Navy with the greatest hazard'.

Interferences from USOs aren't a new phenomenon either, as they date back to 1955, according to US Navy records.

And while new discoveries have included some quite bizarre looking creatures including the humpback angler fish and the ninja lanternshark, Christenson says that there are 'an unknown amount of animals in the ocean that have yet to be identified'.

Interferences from USOs aren't a new phenomenon.
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While there are loads undiscovered, those that have been seen have terrified sailors and naval officers in the past.

In the April 1955 issue of Proceedings magazine, Commander Vining A. Sherman told readers of a terrifying discovery after looking at the USS Hale (DD-642) following reports of damage to the boat where he saw 'a monster of such gigantic size'.

He claimed that the giant monster had been split in two, with an estimated 40 feet of its body down one side of the ship and another 12 feet on the other side.

Likening it to a shark at first, he then decided once back on shore that it could have been a whale shark instead. Sightings of whale sharks were extremely rare at the time, and not many people had ever seen one.

Other strange sightings by those in the Navy include a 15 foot 750 pound creature described as a 'megamouth shark' in 1976 and a giant squid with claws likened to 'the Kraken' in 1978 that attacked the USS Stein (DE-1065).

"An unknown amount of animals in the ocean that have yet to be identified."

In other strange sighting news, scientists have revealed a new map of UFO hotspots across the US.

The map has been shared by the University of Utah, where geographers used data from the National UFO Research Center to look at approximately 98,000 total sighting reports from 2001 to 2020.

For each county in the US, researchers looked into the light pollution, cloud cover and tree cover, as well as the potential for objects like planes or military aircraft to be in the sky, and the number of sightings per 10,000 people per county.

We'll give you a clue, research revealed far more sightings reported in the West and in the very Northeast.

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