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Victoria Beckham defends son Brooklyn after he was criticised for his latest cooking tip

Victoria Beckham defends son Brooklyn after he was criticised for his latest cooking tip

Social media users flooded the commented section to point out how undercooked the meal was.

A mother's love truly knows no bounds, and that apparently also extends to questionable cooking.

Victoria Beckham was quick to do the mama bear thing and jump to the defence of her cub, 23-year-old Brooklyn Beckham, as he got called out for his latest kitchen catastrophe.

Although Posh Spice is known for pretty much having the same meal every day, she praised her aspiring chef of a son for his rather bloody attempt at a roast.

She re-shared her son's video on social media with the caption: '"Inspiration for Sunday's roast. I'll be attempting this for your dad and brothers and sister!"

She added: "It's rare, people, not raw."

Although the 48-year-old fashion mogul is proud of her budding cook, social media users had a very different interpretation of his skills.

Despite Beckham starring in the cooking how-to clip with professional chef Kevin Lee, it seems some of the cooking skills required may have been left behind at the grocery store.

In the video, the duo can be seen holding up a massive joint of beef, which they then cover with two huge blocks of butter.

To be honest, our arteries hurt just watching.

They also showed off roasting in a veritable ocean of oil.

Oh, and there was a backwards Yorkshire pudding recipe that was all sorts of confusing.

As Beckham carves the beef in the clip, he shows the camera a shockingly pink bit of meat.

He then told the audience: "Just like I have it in England. The best Sunday roast."


While he might think it's a typical roast from his home, social media users flooded the comments section about how undercooked they thought the beef was.

One social media user said: "A good vet could bring that back to life."

A second commented: "Might as well bite the cow while it’s grazing."

A third added: "That looks very raw."

Others were astounded at the astronomical level of butter applied to the cow leg.

One user said: "That’s just a reckless amount of butter for that much meat."

Well, raw or buttery, it doesn't matter because apparently this is what Posh Spice will chow down on this weekend.

We'd pay to see that.

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram. brooklynpeltzbeckham/Instagram.

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