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Unbelievable video shows man running between London stations to get on same tube

Unbelievable video shows man running between London stations to get on same tube

The clip sees a bloke chase the London Underground on foot

Incredible footage shows a man running between London Underground stations to get on the same tube, having jumped off and chased it to the next stop.

Watch the impressively high-speed chase here:

Many of us are used to the panicked sprint to the bus, tube or tram stop after oversleeping in the morning, but we rarely make it and are often left cursing under our breath as it drives off.

But one man managed to put us all to shame when he raced a tube from one stop to another – and made it.

The clip was originally posted on YouTube in 2014 by Epic Challenges, a channel set up by friends James Heptonstall and Noel Carroll, who met at their university athletics club.

In ‘Race the Tube’, one of the pair raced the London Underground by running from Mansion House to Cannon Street to chase the Circle Line to the next station on the route.

The bloke chased the tube.
YouTube/Epic Challenges

A caption in the video explained that it was a 1 minute 20 second deadline to beat the tube, adding that it involved ‘380m on foot, 2 ticket barriers and 75 steps’.

We then saw the man standing inside the carriage of the tube waiting to get to the next stop.

When he arrived and the doors opened, he leapt out and ran off, while someone else remained inside the tube to film the journey he was chasing.

A split screen showed as the bloke pelted it through the tube station and onto the street outside, before racing through streets to the next stop at Cannon Street.

The footage was originally posted on YouTube in 2014.
YouTube/Epic Challenges

As we could see from the person filming inside the carriage, the tube eventually made it to the station – with no sign of our competitor on foot.

However, with just seconds to spare, he came hurtling down the staircase and jumped onto the tube – being met with rapturous applause from other travellers as he collapsed in a tired heap on the floor.

Amazingly, he made it.
YouTube/Epic Challenges

The footage went viral again this week after a Twitter user posted it online, writing: “Put this under things we’re on twitter for.”

Someone else commented: “Hell of an effort!!”

Another wrote: “Some effort that.”

One user wasn’t as easily impressed, saying flatly: “It'd been easier staying on.”

That may be so, but somehow I don’t think the footage of that would be quite as interesting...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Epic Challenges

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