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Mortifying Moment Bride Is Called By Her New Husband's Ex's Name

Mortifying Moment Bride Is Called By Her New Husband's Ex's Name

The bride was certainly blushing during the group photo call

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Weddings, so they say, are one of the most stressful days of a person's life. But it's not just the bride and groom who can get a bit flustered on the big day - take a look at how a photographer let the occasion get to them in the video below:

Katelyn and Corey Love, from Michigan, US, tied the knot on 31 May and were posing for some photos when their snapper got a touch confused.

In footage shared on social media by John Pattyson Videography, Katelyn and Corey can be seen standing alongside their bridesmaids and groomsmen, beaming from ear to ear.

The photographer then calls out the couple's names to get them into position... well, she gets the groom's name right at least.

But instead of calling out 'Katelyn', as she certainly meant to, she accidentally shouts 'Taylor' - which unfortunately happens to be the name of poor Corey's ex-girlfriend.

Oh dear.


Not wanting to cause a scene, Katelyn takes it all in her stride and laughs it off, informing the photographer that it's not actually her name.

The photographer says: "Corey and Taylor, look at each other."

Realising her mistake, she then quickly apologises, saying: "Sorry, Katelyn."

Chuckling, the bride replies: "That's his ex."

The photographer asks: "Are you serious?"


The entire party then creases up around the couple, with one groomsman shouting: "Oh my God!"

Sharing the decidedly awkward video to TikTok, @jpvideography2141 captioned it: "Photographer calls bride wrong name...which happens to be groom's ex's name... "

So how did the confusion happen?

Well, shedding a bit of light on the situation, @jpvideography2141 explained in the comments: "Apparently the bride from the week before was named Taylor."

Some people pointed out, however, that it's a bit weird that she mixed up the bride's name but not the groom's.

To which @jpvideography2141 replied: "Lol, not sure, but I'm guessing it wasn't as memorable as Taylor for some reason."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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