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This Guy Decided To Scare His Boss Every Day 'Until He Gets Fired'

Amelia Ward

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This Guy Decided To Scare His Boss Every Day 'Until He Gets Fired'

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin

A man decided to prank his boss every day until he gets fired, filming his hilarious exploits along the way. Watch him go:


The video, which was posted on TikTok, shows the normal looking workplace, with the caption: "Scaring my boss every day until 5k or I get fired."

He starts off with the classic - hide behind a door frame and jump out, giving his boss a little fright.

He goes on to dress as a T-Rex, which gets a little laugh - but you can tell his boss is beginning to get a bit sick of it.

The guy progresses, getting himself a portable confetti cannon.

He then starts to create contraptions to make his boss jump, including attaching a balloon to the back of the door, with a sharp object stuck to the wall it opens out on to.

Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin
Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin

Posting his videos on TikTok - anything for dem likes, ay - he even asked people for ideas for how to really p*** his boss off.

One person commented on his post one day, saying: "Get a Bluetooth speaker and put it under his table. Then play the song 'I FEEL GOOD' and see his reaction."

It's at this stage it become clear that this lad's weary boss is either a broken man, his nervous system has gone, or he has just been completely desensitised to loud noises.

The guy doesn't flinch.

In fact, he's embraced the whole thing, and nods along until it ends.

His obvious exhaustion becomes clear when he falls victim to a chair rigged with an air horn.

Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin
Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin

After jumping up out of his modified chair, he says - in what is almost a growl: "I f***ing hate you."

Day 15 sees him call his employee a 'f***ing a***ole'.

But on Day 16, instead of reigning it in, he goes all out by blowing a mini leaf blower in his boss' face as he enters the room.

It's clear that he's reaching breaking point, with the next video likely to show either him a nervous wreck on the floor or the beginning of a homicide case.

Instead, he just announces he's decided he's had enough, saying he's going to go home.

God bless employee rights.

Topics: Viral, Funny

Amelia Ward
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