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Video Shows Huge Brick Fight Breaking Out Between Builders On Building Site

Video Shows Huge Brick Fight Breaking Out Between Builders On Building Site

The bizarre fight was caught on camera

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Video footage shows a huge fight breaking out on a construction site, with builders seen throwing bricks at each other. Watch below:

The incident happened in Kazakhstan, in the city of Karaganda.

Footage taken from a high vantage point was posted to social media on 8 April, where it got thousands of views.

In the video, builders can be seen separating into two sides on a half-finished construction site, before they start launching bricks at each other over a dividing wall.

Some of them can be seen running away from the violence, while others get stuck in - and it appears not everyone involved was wearing a helmet.

Police later got hold of the shocking video and managed to identify those responsible for the brawl, before arresting them. The perpetrators were charged with hooliganism.

A statement released by the regional police force's press office reads: "There were about 25 participants. All were detained. An investigation is underway."


Inevitably, there was a mixed response on social media.

Looking to identify who was at fault, one Instagram user said: "The crane operator is to blame, he threw it from above, and it started."

Meanwhile, another person seemed in jokier mood as they commented: "This is the two teams' team building!

"Now they will get to know each other better, and the work will go three times faster."

Not everyone was impressed, however, with one user replying to say: "They invest such a lot of capital, and they buy materials and do not use them for their intended purpose, they also waste time."

Of course, this is far from the first piece of building site aggression to be captured on film.

Late last year, a tradesman was caught on camera as he tried to undo some of his work on a house, claiming he'd not been paid:

In the footage, the anonymous man can be seen balancing on scaffolding as he rips chunks from the properties using a hammer.

The construction firm operating site told LADbible the man in the video was not an employee of theirs, adding: "Whilst this incident did occur on one of our sites, we are the main contractor, and the person in question did not work for us.

"He was an employee of a sub contractor."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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