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Vladimir Putin Says Seeing Boris Johnson Naked Would Be 'Disgusting'

Vladimir Putin Says Seeing Boris Johnson Naked Would Be 'Disgusting'

The British prime minister joked about the Russian president during the recent G7 summit

Vladimir Putin says the thought of seeing Boris Johnson naked is 'disgusting'.

Leaders from the US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and Italy met last weekend for the 47th G7 summit.

And during the event, the British prime minister took the opportunity to have a little dig at the Russian president.

Referencing the dictator's penchant for showing off his physique, Johnson was reported to have joked: "Jackets on? Jackets off? Shall we take our clothes off… ?

"We all have to show that we're tougher than Putin."

While Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said that maybe he and his fellow leaders should copy Putin's 'bare-chested horseback riding display'.

Boris Johnson recently joked about topless photos of Vladimir Putin.

Understandably, Putin wasn't best pleased by the remarks, and hit back, saying he was glad they decided to leave their kits on.

Speaking at a summit in Tajikistan, Putin said: "I don’t know exactly how far they wanted to get undressed, above or below the waist.

"But I think, either way, it would be a disgusting sight."

He went on: "Recall Pushkin…who said: ‘One might be all about business, yet still take care of the beauty of one’s nails’.

"I certainly agree with that.

"One must have both a body and a spirit harmoniously developed.

"But to achieve harmony, you must stop abusing alcohol and other bad habits, and do sports.

Putin says he sees no problem with being photographed topless.

"The [Western] colleagues you mentioned, I know them all personally.

"This is not the best period in our relations, this is understandable.

"Yet they are all leaders, so they would achieve success if they wanted to.

"But they must work on themselves."

This isn't the first time Putin has addressed the plethora of pics of him going bear-chested, though.

Back in 2018, a reporter asked him about the snaps, which were taken during a holiday.

They asked: "There are many photos of you half-naked, which is rather unusual for a head of state. These photos were not taken by paparazzi or tourists. They were published by the Kremlin. What is the story behind these photos?"

To which Putin replied: "You said 'half-naked' not 'naked,' thank God. When I am on vacation I see no need to hide behind the bushes, and there is nothing wrong with that."

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