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Wakey Wines banned from TikTok after advertising new Prime Energy cans for £100

Wakey Wines banned from TikTok after advertising new Prime Energy cans for £100

The shop says it was just a bit of 'fun'

Wakey Wines has been banned from TikTok after it was seen advertising cans of Prime for £100.

If you've been online at any point over the last few weeks, you'll be aware that people have been losing their minds over KSI and Logan Paul's new energy drink.

Shops like Aldi and Asda have been ransacked of the stuff, with videos showing crowds of people emptying the shelves at supermarkets.

The huge demand has seen the price skyrocket as well.

While Prime usually costs somewhere in the region of a couple of quid, one shop in Wakefield has been flogging them for upwards of £100.

In posts to its social channels, its owner is often seen with customers, some of whom have travelled hundreds of miles to get there, looking very happy at having been able to get their hands on the coveted drink.

But things have taken a turn for the worse for the shop as TikTok has banned its account.

People have been going mad for Prime.

In a post on Instagram, Wake Wines claimed that it was all a bit of 'fun' and that an influencer was trying to ruin its business.

The shop said: "Hi guys, today there is a well known influencer trying to tarnish my business I have been building up for years.

"I have now been banned off TikTok at 500k I've been working so hard for this.

"All of my videos are all for fun, I saw a business idea with WFD sweets just like any other business man and I took the opportunity.

"Some jealous horrible people. Please report these posts and help me!

"Thank you to my fans always, Wakey Wines."

This comes after a dad travelled all the way from Deptford in London to Wakey to get a few bottles of the drink.

With Aldi in scenes of chaos, a father and his two sons travelled to a newsagent store in Wakefield to find some of the bottles.

So desperate for some Prime was he that he forked out an incredible £1,000 on the stuff. Let that sink in for a second.

Wakey Wines released a statement via Instagram.

After seeing some of the videos of people like this spending hundreds on the drink, Prime co-founder KSI took to Twitter to call Wakey Wines as 'outrageous'.

After seeing a woman buy six bottles for $145 in November, he said: "Wakey Wines, my man is charging people 20 quid per Prime.

"Why is she doing this? No do not pay that much for prime, I know people want prime OK, just wait or camp out Asda nice and early, get in Asda nice and early and pay £2, OK, £2 for prime.

"£2 is way better than £25 bro, why. Come on man this is outrageous. You should not be paying £25 for one bottle of prime."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@realwakeywines

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