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Massive £250 million wellbeing resort coming to the UK gets incredible first look

Massive £250 million wellbeing resort coming to the UK gets incredible first look

New pictures from the £250 million water park show some of the cool features welcoming visitors in Manchester

There is no questioning that us Brits love a water park, and is certainly a common activity for many when overseas enjoying a bit of sun.

But while the UK is experiencing some pretty balmy conditions right now, we all know it only lasts for about two weeks every year.

As a result, we can't exactly have water parks outside, but surely the next best thing is to have one indoors?

And while there are a some indoor water parks dotted around the country, they are definitely few and fair between.

Though fear not, as a massive £250 million water park is coming to Manchester.

Planning work has already commenced on Therme Manchester, situated right next to the Trafford Centre on the site of Event City which has been destroyed.

It will be connected to Manchester city centre via the Metrolink, as well as sitting just off the M60 motorway.

CGI photos show what the water park will look like inside.

While there may be other water parks in the UK, Therme Manchester will actually become the first and only waterpark, spa, and wellness retreat.

The aim is to have all the work done for 2025, with concept images from planners giving us a good indication on what to expect.

New CGI photos released show just how vast the resort will be, which will feature a modern design of waved glass domed pavilions and lots of shrubs and greenery - making you think you are in the Maldives.

The waterpark is set to feature 25 pools, 30 water slides and new plans have indicated some external water slides that shoot out of the building will be included, too.

While thermal pools, spas, and swim-up bars were announced in initial plans, recent updates have revealed an English-meadow inspired wellness garden in the works.

A multi-storey car park has also been confirmed, providing greater access to visitors travelling to the resort by car.

How Therme Manchester will look once it is built.

Stelian Iacob, Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK, said: "Therme Manchester will have a transformative impact on the city and individuals. The scale of the project and its architectural character will be interwoven through the landscape into the urban fabric.

"The link to Bridgewater Canal will create a literal and metaphorical connection to Manchester’s past and its centre.

"The Therme experience is designed around physical and mental wellbeing. Human contact with water, steam, fresh air and nature is optimised in an environment that sets itself apart from the pressures of daily metropolitan life."

Iacob concluded by saying he hopes Therme Manchester 'will be a catalyst for a wave of local urban development' that 'will bring new homes and jobs and will create opportunities for the wider area'.

Featured Image Credit: Therme

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