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The Photo Of A Floating Wheelie Bin' Has People Scratching Their Heads

Dominic Smithers

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The Photo Of A Floating Wheelie Bin' Has People Scratching Their Heads

Every week, there seems to be some kind of optical illusion that sweeps the internet, dividing friends and family over what the hell is going on. The latest is a floating wheelie bin.

A photograph was posted on Reddit showing a grey waste bin seemingly hovering over a pavement.

Now, while we all know bins don't actually have the ability to fly - they don't - the bizarre snap has left many people scratching their heads.

Sharing the pic on Twitter, one person asked: "Do you also see this bin floating? Lol"

Haters will say it's just a wet patch. Credit: Reddit
Haters will say it's just a wet patch. Credit: Reddit

A second befuddled user said: "Yep. I saw a floating bin. Stay safe everyone."

"Floating bins being issued by Oldham Council," put a third.

While another added: "My wheels bin is floating."


Fortunately, there were plenty of others out there who were willing to put people's minds at ease and explained that bins are not sentient beings from another universe.


It was in fact just an optical illusion caused by the position of the bin to a wet patch of concrete, which made it seem as though it was flying.

Describing the theory, one user said: "A nice example of how we infer object position from what we presume to be a cast shadow."


And there were plenty of others who jumped in and poured further cold water on bizarre conspiracy theories.

"It looks like a floating garbage bin. But it actually was just a wet spot on the pavement," said one.

Another later put: "Things are not always as they seem! FYI the bin is not floating, but it is the first thing our brain makes us think!

"I love a good optical illusion. It demonstrates just how much our brain can mislead us to what is really going on! (photo from reddit). PS its a wet patch."


So, there you have it. Floating bin. Debunked. You're welcome.

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit

Topics: Viral, World News, Funny, Interesting

Dominic Smithers
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