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Poundland Shoppers 'Humiliated' By Santa Voice On Self-Service Tills

Poundland Shoppers 'Humiliated' By Santa Voice On Self-Service Tills

There's nothing jolly about getting your card declined

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Poundland shoppers have complained about feeling 'humiliated' by the shop's new festive till alerts featuring the voice of Santa Claus.

The national store chain has replaced the normal voice on their self-service tills with Father Christmas himself, but it turns out that maybe a jovial and happy message from Ol' Saint Nick at quite a loud volume isn't ideal if you've had your card declined.

Some folks who'd used the wrong card or entered the wrong pin were a bit bent out of shape when a jolly voice announced that their card had been rejected before breaking out into song.

You can see why that might be a bit embarrassing and unwanted.

In a video that shows what the new till alerts look and sound like, a voice can be heard announcing: "Card not accepted, is it on the naughty list?

"Because I'm checking it twice, I'm going to find out whose naughty or nice."

It then breaks out into a rousing chorus of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'.

Obviously, some people have been complaining about this online.


One Twitter user wrote: "Your tills are incredibly embarrassing!!

"Shouting out my card was declined over and over. How discreet for your customers. Not.

"All because I needed to transfer my money to the correct account, the whole shop thought I couldn't purchase.

"Not happy one bit. Merry Xmas."

In the video shared on TikTok, which has now been viewed 150,000 times, the caption reads: "So guys, I accidentally used the wrong card so it got declined - listen to this self checkout machine.

"OMG I'm absolutely screaminggggggg.

"Narrrh, I'm actually emailing Poundland HR, how f****** embarrassing."


Another customer commented: "LMAO it said it out loud for me bc I put my pin in wrong or something but it wasn't this extra."

A second added: "This happened to me yesterday! The most embarrassing thing ever."

It's not just the customers, either. One disgruntled employee commented: "I work at Poundland and this haunts me."

Yikes. Imagine that all day long.

However, not everyone is unhappy about it.


One person tweeted: "Shopping in @Poundland and hearing Santa's voice on the self serve tills was the cheer up I didn't know I needed today."

A spokesperson for Poundland said: "Santa took time out of his very busy schedule to do this.

"How can anyone be a grinch about Santa?

"Our seasonal checkout voices from Elvis to Yoda are part of what makes Poundland, Poundland.

"We haven't lost our sense of humour despite this being an unusual year."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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