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Learning what's actually inside a Kit Kat bar is seriously confusing people

Daisy Phillipson

| Last updated 

Learning what's actually inside a Kit Kat bar is seriously confusing people

Have you ever wondered what's inside of a Kit Kat bar? Probably not, but now we've raised the question you might at least be a bit curious.


If you're like me, you assumed the middle of those tasty bars is simply made up of chocolate and wafers layered together.

Even the packet says 'smooth milk chocolate' and 'crunchy wafer'.

But there's a little detail about what goes into the filling that's not in the description and it's seriously confusing people.

As you can see in the clip above, taken from the BBC documentary series Inside the Factory, the inside is actually made from other crushed up Kit Kats – it's like chocolate bar Inception.

YouTuber Zack D. Films went into a little more detail in a recent YouTube Short, demonstrating that it's actually a great way of tackling food waste.

He says: "Some Kit Kats get broken while they're being made, and instead of throwing them out, the company crushes them up and adds sugar.

"And that's what's inside of a Kit Kat bar – it's literally crushed up Kit Kats."

That's one way to reuse food waste. Credit: YouTube/Zack D. Films
That's one way to reuse food waste. Credit: YouTube/Zack D. Films

To clarify, Nestlé turns those rejects into a paste, which is used to layer the wafers between the bars, giving them that unique taste and texture.

Thousands of people have taken to the comments section to share their confusion, with many asking the same question – if Kit Kats are made of Kit Kats, what was the first Kit Kat made from?

"I’m now in an infinite loop trying to figure out what came first," wrote one, while another said, "It’s just a loop of Kit Kats that never ends."

A third added: "So then… what was the original KitKat bar made of???"

A fourth, who perfectly summed up the perplexity, said: "There is a KitKat that is made from a KitKat that had a KitKat inside of it that was made of crushed up KitKats that had KitKats in them made by KitKats."

The less exciting reality is that they probably made the first batch out of chocolate and wafers, only to realise they could kill two birds with one stone by using crushed up broken bars.

But still, that's a good little bit of food-related trivia to have in your back pocket during your next snack break.

And while we're on the topic of Kit Kats, content creator Lucy Challenger recently demonstrated how to properly eat one in the unlikely event of being served it in a formal setting.


She explained: "I unwrap the Kit Kat with my fingers around removed the paper layer and place it onto the plate.

"I simply snap the Kit Kat in two, lift one section of the Kit Kat, placing the other section down on the plate, then place it into my mouth in a small neat delicate bite to eat.

"One continues to eat the Kit Kat until the Kit Kat is fully consumed."

Or you could eat it like most of us do and shove it down your gob as quickly as possible.

Featured Image Credit: Medicimage Education/studiomode/Alamy

Topics: Food And Drink, Weird

Daisy Phillipson
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