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What Is NAIDOC Week?

What Is NAIDOC Week?

The week commemorating First Nations people, their community and their history has kicked off in Australia.

The 2022 NAIDOC week is this week and run from July 3 until July 10.

NAIDOC week is an annual observance that is marked across all of Australia and commemorates and recognises the achievements and accomplishments of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

The week is also dedicated to embracing the long history and culture of First Nations people, with an emphasis on community engagement and education. 

The term NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee. 

The week originated out of the boycotts and protests over Australia Day by Aboriginal rights groups, which were already gaining much traction in the 1920s. 

By 1940, an annual Day of Mourning was held on the Sunday before January 26. In 1956, it was decided to move the Day of Mourning to July.

It evolved into not just a day of protest but also a day to embrace and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples culture and history, known as National Aboriginals Day. 

In 1975, the Committee decided to expand the observance from a day to an entire week and each year has a specific theme.

Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! is this year's NAIDOC week theme.

The National NAIDOC Committee described the theme as calling for a 'need to move beyond just acknowledgement'.

“Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! with us to amplify our voices and narrow the gap between aspiration and reality, good intent and outcome," the committee said.

The 2022 National NAIDOC Week Awards were held on July 2, which is just one example of the many events that help celebrate and mark NAIDOC week. 

There are also a huge variety of events taking place in local communities across all of Australia this week.

You can check out the NAIDOC website to find one near you.

Featured Image Credit: NAIDOC Week/Instagram

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