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People divided as select Brits set to receive £1,600 every month for two years

People divided as select Brits set to receive £1,600 every month for two years

The topic of Universal Basic Income has divided people online

Some Brits could be due for an additional boost of cash as Universal Basic Income is set to be trialled in two regions of England, but people seem split on the scheme.

The scheme would see lucky participants get £1,600 each month for two years, to see if the extra money makes a difference to their lives.

The project is in need of funding before it can go ahead, but would target selected people in East Finchley, London and Jarrow in the North East of England.

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Green Party MP Caroline Lucas praised the initiative: "It’s so exciting to see these plans for England’s first ever basic income pilot scheme.

"We are in such uncertain times - worsening job insecurity, spiralling cost of living and a welfare state creaking at the seams.

"We need big, bold ideas to provide security and dignity for all - tackling poverty, improving well-being and transforming society. The Government can’t ignore this idea any longer."

However, elsewhere on the internet, people were left divided by the prospect of some Brits getting extra money unconditionally.

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One person wrote: "Seems too good to be true. I’m sure it would make unemployment rates go through the roof."

Another person agreed: "I think they should stop benefits and make people work this is why the country is the way it is."

A fellow critic commented: "A handful of people will be given the chance to pull themselves up out of it whilst everyone else continues to suffer, where is the logic here???"

So, it's safe to say that the idea has attracted some criticism.

However, there were many who were excited by the prospect of UBI coming to the UK.

One supporter wrote: "I’m actually a huge supporter of universal basic income. I think the world would be better if people could freely develop themselves for more skilled careers and careers they actually want to do."

Another remarked: "UBI is what it says a basic income, it allows you to do a minimum wage job and still get a living wage. It is not communism. Its pretty much the only way its going to work with AI/automation coming in big time."

The debate is one that will certainly rage on, particularly as more governments around the world trial UBI.

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