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McDonald's fans shocked after finding out what's in Sweet 'N Sour dip

McDonald's fans shocked after finding out what's in Sweet 'N Sour dip

No way

Fans have been left shook after finding out what the Sweet 'N Sour sauce at Maccies is made from.

You will not believe this:

Millions of loyal customers grace the golden arches with their presence on a daily basis, but rarely think of what actually goes into the food they consume.

We go in, place our order, hand over the money, and then faceplant our meal of choice.

But as you dip your fries, nuggets, or half-eaten burger into one of the chain's countless sauces, have you ever wondered how they make it?

I mean, I don't, maybe I should, but I am usually in too much of a frenzied rush to scoff down the scran as quickly as possible that it's never crossed my mind.

Two people who did, however, are radio presenters Jase and Lauren, who work for a station in Melbourne, Australia.

What's in the Sweet 'N Sour sauce?

In a resurfaced clip from the show, Lauren revealed that the famous Sweet 'N Sour sauce is actually made from a very surprising ingredient.

While Jase tucked into a nugget, dunking it into the luxurious dip, Lauren asked: "'Have you ever thought about what Sweet 'N Sour sauce is actually flavoured?

'Would you believe it is actually.. apricot flavour?"

"I hate apricot.. I can taste the apricot now," an upset Jase replied, throwing his nugg away.

But it wasn't just Jase who was caught off-guard by the factoid.

Turns out there were plenty of others who had never realised what went into making the sauce.

Piling into the comments, others shared their surprise.

"Omg my mum use to make apricot chicken,' one wrote,

Another remarked: "Finding out about Caesar salad dressing destroyed my love of it."

Turns out it's packed full of apricots.

"Apricot goes so well with chicken that makes so much sense," put a third.

But while there were loads of people a touch weirded out by the revelation, McDonald's Australia came out to bat for the bizarre flavouring.

Commenting on the post, a spokesperson for the fast-food giant said: "Hear me out, try dipping your Soft Serve in Sweet and Sour Sauce."

Now, it's not just apricots, obviously, there are other ingredients that go into making the dip.

Those ingredients are: peach puree, salt, xanthan gum, garlic powder, onion powder, and caramel colour, among others.

Some food for thought for your next trip to Maccies, lads.

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