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Influencer accidentally destroys his $400,000 Ferrari while shooting stunt in cornfield

Influencer accidentally destroys his $400,000 Ferrari while shooting stunt in cornfield

The supercar burst into flames and YouTuber WhistlinDiesel could only sit back and watch it be consumed.

An influencer has realised the hard way that Ferraris and cornfields don't go well together.

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, wanted to shoot some content with his $400,000 Ferrari F8 in Waco, Texas on a ridiculously hot day.

It was a scorching 46C degrees on the day he and his team went out into a field to see how well the supercar drives.

Turns out, not very well.

Footage uploaded to YouTube shows the team's rental van trying to keep up with the Ferrari as it sped through a random cornfield.

The F8 drifted and twisted around the area and you could see loads of debris collecting in the vehicle's grill and around the tyres.

While it looked fun and something out of a commercial (a weird one at that), the words 'fire, fire fire' erupted into the air.

Smoke could be seen billowing from the back of the Ferrari, where the engine is located, and WhistlinDiesel hopped out of the car quick-smart.

He and his team tried to use water to extinguish the flames, however the fire is too strong at this point.

Things went from bad to worse when the building inferno tracked over to the rental van and caused it too to ignite.

They had to quickly unload all their gear from the back of that van and then just sit back and hope the flames didn't cause the whole cornfield to go up in smoke.

"Uh, we f**ked up," WhistlinDiesel said to the camera.

"Well, uh, there goes half a million dollars. I guess, uh, don't drive in a cornfield. I always wanted to have a little bit of fun with that car."

He added: "Hard loss, but I guess I can't say it wasn't going to happen anyways. It's okay guys, we'll recover from this...someday."

On his YouTube video he said that 'this was a complete accident and I originally intended on filming so many more things with the car, but this was a great lesson to do even more crazy things before your car catches on fire'.


The post had loads of people questioning whether it was real and Cody put that speculation to bed quicker than a Ferrari on fire in a cornfield.

“To all the people in the comments saying we’re idiots, or offering their SUPER SMART advice as to what we should’ve done,” he said in the comments section.

“No this wasn’t staged. Anyone that can read human body language can tell this was real. Why would I also burn up a RENTAL van with all of our stuff inside?

"Sure, I make money destroying things, but I don’t lie. Not everything is a conspiracy.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/WhistlinDiesel

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