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Who is Elizabeth Marz? Johnny Depp, Instagram and Key Facts

Who is Elizabeth Marz? Johnny Depp, Instagram and Key Facts

Elizabeth Marz is the best friend of Amber Heard, who is currently invovled in an intense court case with John Depp but who is she?

Best friend of American actress Amber Heard, who is currently in a libel trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp, is Elizabeth Marz who gave a witness statement to the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia on 18th May. 

Marz claimed Heard was “scared” of Mr Depp and was hiding from him due to the fact she was scared of what he was capable of. However people on Twitter and Tiktok have suggested that Marz is in fact making her testimony up as she goes along, with one writing on Twitter: “Elizabeth Marz’s testimony should be thrown out. She changes her story too much. #JohnnyDepptrial #JusticeforJohnnyDepp #Camillevasquez” 

Marz seems to be extremely inactive on any social media, making it difficult to know too much about her personal life. She appeared in court via video call and recalls Depp as being 'more combative than sloppy' according to the Daily Mail

She testified to the court that Depp had charged at her with a wine bottle in 2016, and described an alleged incident that happened between Miss Heard and Mr Depp leaving Heard’s face supposedly dishevelled and “swollen”. 

Marz became friends with Miss Heard as a result of the actor's friend and neighbour, Raquel Rose Pennington, who supported Marz’s testimony that Depp had been violent and left Heard with injuries to her face. 

However during the cross examination carried out by Camille Vaquez, the much-loved lawyer of Depp, clips were presented as evidence from Miss Heard’s appearance on the Late Late Show hosted by James Corden, in which Heard appeared to have zero visible facial injuries whilst testifying that Mr Depp had injured her so badly the night previous that she thought she had 'a broken nose'. 

Elizabeth Marz’s private Instagram account currently has 3,000 followers and as per the bio on her profile, she is involved in work concerning 'love and relationships'.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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