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Real Wolf Of Wall Street Offers To Be CEO If Musk Buys Coca-Cola And Puts Cocaine Back In

Real Wolf Of Wall Street Offers To Be CEO If Musk Buys Coca-Cola And Puts Cocaine Back In

We have to assume Musk was joking about taking over the company - but then again people thought that about Twitter.

OK, so what do we think the chances are of Elon Musk taking over Coca-Cola, putting cocaine back in it, and hiring Jordan Belfort as CEO?

I wanna say pretty low, but then again it's becoming increasingly difficult to be surprised with the endlessly bizarre news cycle at the moment.

Next Coca-Cola CEO?

You may have heard that Musk has agreed a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion (£35 million), which is quite a cash splash even for the world's richest man.

However, the billionaire has indicated he's not done spending just yet, tweeting: "Next I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in."

Now, you have to assume the 50-year-old is joking here, but as I say, who bloody knows these days?

Anyway, if he did decide to take over the company, former stockbroker Belfort – whose memoir inspired the popular movie The Wolf of Wall Street – has thrown his hat in the ring to head things up.

"I'll be the CEO," he tweeted.

If you haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street, it features a lot of drug use, with Leonardo DiCaprio brilliantly portraying the hedonistic lifestyle Belfort led.

The three-hour Martin Scorsese film is chock-a-block with memorably wild scenes – pen-selling, dwarf-throwing and Margot Robbie teasing all spring to mind.

One of the most-loved scenes sees DiCaprio share a business lunch with Matthew McConaughey, who plays eccentric senior stockbroker Mark Hanna.

His character takes Jordan under his wing as he's starting out on Wall Street, and during the lunch he shares some top tips – namely regular masturbation and cocaine use.

So, with Scorsese at the helm, and DiCaprio and McConaughey left to play with this material, it was always going to result in big screen gold.

However, after around half a dozen takes, with the scene in the can, it was a little bit of thinking outside of the box that took it to the next level.

The scene is one of the highlights of the movie.

Between shooting, McConaughey had been thumping on his chest and humming. It was a sort of meditative ritual the Oscar-winning actor had been using for a while, as a means of clearing his head, preparing his voice and finding his rhythm.

DiCaprio suggested that they try to incorporate it into the scene, and the rest is history.

Following the film's release, viewers couldn't get enough of it. What exactly it meant was unclear, but it was infectious, and what was supposed to be a cameo role for McConaughey ended up producing one of the most loved and quoted scenes of his storied career.

"I mean, it's music," the 52-year-old told LADbible, while discussing his memoir Greenlights.

"I love music and I think part of my performances and what I try to bring to these characters is a different type of music, tone, inflection, how they speak, what their words are.

"And you know, that was so out-there, and Wolf of Wall Street and that scene is so out-there. Then it comes back at the end of the scene, then Leo uses it later in the movie.

"It was all so odd, but so rhythmically right-on, you're like, 'That scene couldn't have been anything else, but where in the hell did that come from?!'"

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Paramount Pictures

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