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Real Jordan Belfort from Wolf Of Wall Street explains what taking ludes was like

Dominic Smithers

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Real Jordan Belfort from Wolf Of Wall Street explains what taking ludes was like

Ever since we saw Leonardo DiCaprio crawl out of a Lamborghini, the world has been obsessed with The Wolf of Wall Street.

Disgraced stock broker Jordan Belfort lived a life of excess, taking every drug under the sun - you name it, he ingested it - something the 2013 hit movie very much portrayed.


And one of the most infamous substances associated with the Wolf is something called a quaalude.


In the biopic, it's a clear favourite with Belfort and his gang of miscreants, with DiCaprio's character seen popping them like Smarties.

Looking back at those wild times, Belfort, who is now sober, revealed what it was actually like to take quaaludes.

He told the The Brilliantly Dumb Show a while back: "They were great. They gave you this euphoric feeling with no hangover the next day."

He went on: "In the throes of my addiction I would like to get high at least four times a day


"So I would wake up at like 5am before my wife, take four quaaludes. I'd be high as a kite between 5 and 7, then she'd wake up then I'd be sober again.

Leonardo DiCaprio's quaalude scene is iconic. Credit: Paramount Pictures
Leonardo DiCaprio's quaalude scene is iconic. Credit: Paramount Pictures

"When they wear off you're normal again. It's not like alcohol, you got sloppy and tired, once it's over it's over."

The 61-year-old added: "I was like a human petri-dish, 20 drugs trying to find the perfect mixture. So I get to a state of toxic poise where I was like just high as a kite, but only I knew it."


Eventually, however, the part ended for Belfort, with his drug abuse taking over his life. And while his wife was no stranger to drugs herself, she gave him an ultimatum.

"She said, 'No more' and 'I'll leave unless you get sober'," Belfort explained.

"And at that point I didn't want to split my family up, I still loved her.

"So yes, she was definitely instrumental in fuelling my addiction, and then getting me sober at the same time.


He added: "I don't blame her for my addiction, my addiction was on me, but she certainly was a great running partner for many years

"But she never abused it the way I did it. She did drugs casually, I did them severely. And then when it got really really bad she did finally help me."

Speaking about DiCaprio's iconic quaalude scene previously, the movie's director, Martin Scorsese, said that it was partly inspired by his own experience on the drug.


He told Conan O'Brien at the time: "35 years ago they were legal and I was prescribed a Quaalude for fear of flying. When you took that pill, you didn’t care where you were."

We bet you didn't, Marty.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Brilliantly Dumb Show/Paramount Pictures

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Dominic Smithers
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