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Woman accidentally eats £100,000 heart-shaped crisp

Woman accidentally eats £100,000 heart-shaped crisp

The woman unknowingly ate a huge fortune

One woman made the mistake of her life after accidentally eaten a perfectly heart-shaped crisp worth an entire fortune.

The supermarket worker was mortified after realising she'd snacked away on what could have earned her £100,000.

She is now warning other crisp-lovers to ensure they don't fall victim to the same fate.

The woman accidentally ate what could have been worth a fortune.
HERA FOOD / Alamy Stock Photo

The crisp manufacturer, Walkers, first announced news about their heart-shaped crisp hunt back in December of last year.

The competition in question challengers shoppers to find the best heart-shaped crisp in their packet for a chance of winning a whopping £100,000.

Sharing the exciting news to Twitter and Instagram, the company alerted customers that the competition would run all the way through until March 2023.

That's three whole months to stumble upon the oddly-shaped snack worth even more than a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

While the news gained heaps of hype from crisp-munchers all over - it's clear that the competition seemingly passed one person by altogether.

The heart-shaped crisp was worth a massive £100,000.

It was just another regular day at work last Wednesday (15 February), when one mum-of-two, Dawn Sagar, got a bit peckish on shift.

Almost perfect timing with Valentines being just the day before, supermarket worker Dawn happened upon a crisp that looked like no other she'd seen before.

A perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped potato was staring up at her from the pack of Ready Salted crisps.

Not knowing about the Walkers competition, Dawn simply snapped a picture of the bizarre discovery and sent it on to her friends.

Her friends, who clearly were clued into the challenge, tried their best efforts to alert Dawn to the goldmine she'd just stumbled upon.

Yet, it was too late as she had already stomached what could have been a prize-winning crisp.

She had no idea about the competition at all.
Dawn Sagar

While Dawn admitted she was 'gutted' upon realising her mistake, she revealed: "You know what, it is not the end of the world, is it?

"It would have made my life a little bit happier, but I haven't got the money so it doesn't make a difference."

Clearly seeing the packet half-full, Dawn concluded: "It doesn't matter. I haven't got that money in my life. It might have made me miserable."

Talk about being a gracious loser, the mum now warns others to investigate their crisp packets before scranning the lot.

She said: "Every time I serve somebody with a pack of Walkers 'I'm like, check if you've got a heart and don't eat it.'"

Walkers itself has since come forward to release a statement about Dawn's unfortunate mistake.

A spokesperson said: "We’re very sorry to hear of Dawn’s mishap, but all is not lost - heart shaped crisps naturally occur in many packets of our Walkers crisps, and as the competition doesn’t close until midnight on 20th March, there’s still plenty of time to find the best heart shaped crisp, and win £100,000.

"Remember to keep your crisp & packet safe!" they concluded.

Featured Image Credit: Dawn Sagar

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