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Woman Baffled After Recruiter Called Her ‘Piece Of Crap’ In Text

Woman Baffled After Recruiter Called Her ‘Piece Of Crap’ In Text

Viewers have been demanding to see what she replied to the unexpected text

A woman was taken aback after a recruiter described her as a 'piece of crap' in a text message.

There's any number of reasons behind someone using an unexpected insult or swear word in a message: maybe it was autocorrect or predictive text; perhaps they were trying use their voice to type out the message and it went wrong.

Nevertheless, an unfortunate typo is a direct route to offending someone quickly and, sometimes, irreparably.

TikTok user Jasmine (@madumjas) recently spoke to a recruiter about a possible job opportunity. Soon after, they got back in touch with her to see if there was still any interest there.

The message read: "Hey Jasmine, I’m just following up on our paperwork appointment from Monday, are you still interested in the position you piece of crap."

Recruiters talk to a lot of people about many, many jobs. It's inevitable they'll meet candidates they don't like - still, a bit harsh to call them a 'piece of crap' to their face, even if it's over text. Realistically, it was probably an accident.

Jasmine's video has been viewed more than one million times, with hundreds of comments. One user wrote: "This has no right making me laugh as hard as it is."

People think the 'crap' text was the result of an accident.

Another wrote: "Lol I'm sure it was a typo but funny I hope you didn't hold it against them." A third commented: "I'd take it but demand they pay me twice the going rate."

Others have rushed to the recruiter's defence, arguing it was almost certainly a typo, with one writing: "I guarantee you she was using voice to text while driving or working or whatever and something went wrong. There’s no way she was referring to you."

Another wrote: "Okay but my autocorrect will literally replace properly spelled words with some nonsense I said three texts ago. Idk why it does it but it does."

A third commented: "They were 1000 percent percent using talk to text. This has happened to me several times," while a fourth wrote: "The idea of them looking at the text they sent and then scrambling to send a follow-up text is so funny to me."

Another said: "I am choosing to believe they were driving and using voice text and you accidentally caught the text version of their road rage."

In a comment, Jasmine wrote that she didn't take the job because of the low pay, but viewers have been demanding a part two so they can see what she replied.

Featured Image Credit: @madumjas/TikTok

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