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Woman finally realises why her bathroom walls were bleeding

Woman finally realises why her bathroom walls were bleeding

A woman from the US has finally realised why her bathroom walls were bleeding after many investigations.

When you walk into the bathroom for the first time in the morning, you don't often expect to see a blood-like substance pouring from the walls.

Well, this one TikToker was shocked to find the red liquid dripping down from her bathroom cabinet onto the walls, like something you'd expect to see in a horror film.

Lexy Chidester, a college counsellor from California, US, initially dismissed the odd substance as a stain caused by her 'messy' brother. However, Lexy became more suspicious when it continued the next morning.

The eerie stain had doubled in size and the wall was well and truly 'bleeding'.

Lexy performed tests herself to work out the mystery.
Jam Press/@lexyraye

The counsellor decided to investigate the horror-like mystery herself by performing an at-home mould test kit, and also spoke to a plumber.

She took to Instagram (@lexyraye) to share her findings to over 80k followers on the social media platform. One video on the bleeding wall scandal has over 6.2 million views on her page.

In the video, Lexy asks followers what they think has happened, as she fears it may be something supernatural.

Followers flocked to the comments to give their opinions. One person commented: "Time to move."

A second added: "Your house is on its period."

A third jokingly said: "Your bathroom is ready for Halloween."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "You need to leave Satan is coming for you."

Lexy spoke on her bizarre horror story and detective skills to NeedToKnow: "I filmed the video to get someone’s opinion on what it was, and what to do, because I didn’t understand what it was.

"At first, I didn't think much of it, but when it came back and doubled in size the next day, realising it wasn't a spill of something, I laughably thought that's not normal!"

The amateur detective continued: "After talking with my family, and ruling out everything it couldn’t be using deductive reasoning, the only place really unexplored more closely was the cabinet itself."

In a follow-up clip, Lexy explained when they put the cabinet back in the wall, she noticed there were 'pieces of metal' that were overlapped with more of the 'coagulated blood' in the corner.

In order to get to the bottom of this mystery, Lexy and her brother used pliers to peel back the metal, when they discovered substance was coming from 'inside the metal'.

Finally, the mystery was solved as Lexy discovered it was simply caused by rust.

Lexy finally discovered what was causing the 'blood' stains on her bathroom wall.
Jam Press/@lexyraye

Lexy added: "It was explained to be that when condensation mixed with years of rust and no ventilation – my bathroom doesn’t have a fan – can cause rust in cold metal to liquefy; something I did not know before all this!

"The wall has been left with light pink staining but is otherwise fine."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/lexyraye/TikTok

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