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Woman dated one of Europe's most wanted men for a year with no idea who he was

Woman dated one of Europe's most wanted men for a year with no idea who he was

She said it took her another year to process the truth about her ex

A woman has opened up about how she dated one of Europe's most wanted men for a year with absolutely no idea who he was.

Stella Paris, 35, met British criminal Christopher Guest More in a Malta strip club in 2012, nine years after he murdered Brian Waters in 2003 in Cheshire.

More, who called himself Andrew Lamb while on the run, tortured his 44-year-old victim with the aid of three other men in view of Waters' children.

More was finally apprehended in 2019.
Police Handout

The incident took place as a result of a Waters' £20K drug debt and resulted in his eventual death from injuries including a brain bleed and heart bruising.

After the crime, More fled the country and began a new, luxurious life in Malta under a different name.

His ex Paris told the Daily Star: "The fact he was a murderer shattered me. The details of the torture horrified me and was hard on my mental health.

Paris said she was 'shattered' by the truth about her ex.
Facebook / Stella Paris

"It caused me not to trust people. How can you know who someone really is?"

She went on to recall an incident where the killer's violent nature exposed itself, which was 'the final straw' that prompted her to leave the relationship.

"One morning he asked me to make him boiled eggs for breakfast and one of them was more runny than he likes and he threw it at me," Paris revealed.

"I said that was the final straw and I was leaving him. But he wrestled me to the ground and I struggled because he was very strong.

"He bruised my wrist and I got up and went to my mum's home."

She left the relationship after the killer attacked her.
Facebook / Stella Paris

Paris, who quit her previous job as a radiographer for stripping, said she was initially attracted to the killer because of his wealth.

The then 26-year-old said of their first meeting: "I didn't like him much. I thought he was arrogant and egotistical but he later apologised for the first meeting. He said he was very irritated and tired after a long day of work.

"The nights he visited me afterwards he was very different. He was trying to win me and was putting on the charm.

"After I gave him a dance he lifted me up from my armpits and said 'you're going to be mine, you're going to be mine' and he was very charming.

"He used to carry a big stash of money and to be honest at first that's what attracted me to him initially."

Paris was attracted to the killer's money.
Facebook / Stella Paris

However, the pair eventually struck up a genuine relationship and went on to live a life of luxury together in a mansion.

Paris said the first sign that something was wrong were the frequent nightmares More suffered, which she tried to support him through.

But More's behaviour eventually became a problem for Paris, who said he became 'extremely controlling'.

After the pair broke up a year later in 2013, Paris moved to London for a fresh start, and six years later, she found out the unthinkable truth about her ex.

"My heart started pumping and I started feeling dizzy," Paris said of her reaction to the news, which her mother revealed.

"I was so anxious and my whole body went up in a rash thinking about the details of his crime. I couldn't eat a thing."

She said it ultimately took 'a whole year' for her to process that she had been 'living, eating and sleeping with someone whose real name and background I didn’t know.'

After being found in 2019, More is now serving a life sentence for his crimes with a minimum term of 24 years.

Featured Image Credit: Stella Paris/Facebook/Police Handout

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