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Woman Explains Simple Plane Theory That Can Help With Fear Of Flying

Woman Explains Simple Plane Theory That Can Help With Fear Of Flying

A TikToker has revealed their top hack to ease your fear of flying.

A TikToker has revealed their top hack to ease your fear of flying. Catch the tip here:

No one really loves flying do they? Bar pilots and cabin crew perhaps.

Once you've gotten over the initial excitement of take off, it rarely takes long for the slight unease to kick in as you realise just how high you are above the ground.

Even worse is when there's some rogue turbulence unexpectedly thrown into your journey causing the plane to shudder and wings to wobble.

However, one TikToker has spoken out about a hack they learnt from a pilot which will help nervous flyers get over their fear.

The TikToker claimed she learnt the reassuring hack from a 'real pilot'.

Anna Paull explained the hack using a cup of jelly, claiming to have learnt it from a 'real pilot'.

She said: "Pretend this is the air that you're flying in - this jelly right here. And this napkin is the aeroplane."

Despite the initial weirdness of the demonstration, the TikToker urged followers to 'trust' her.

She noted that just like with the jelly, when flying, the plane experiences pressure from 'the bottom, pressure from the top, from the sides, pressure coming from everywhere'.

Anna used the jelly model to enact what happens when you feel turbulence.

"You feel the plane shaking but this is not just going to fall down you know? It's stuck in there, because there's pressure coming from the bottom and the sides," she said.

The TikToker also reassured that there's 'never been a plane crash from turbulence'.

Anna used the pot of jelly to demonstrate how turbulence won't cause a plane to crash because of the constant pressure around the vehicle.

The post has since amassed over 13 million views, two million likes and 28,000 comments with other TikTokers having rained in in support of the hack.

One joked: "Plane freaking out about turbulence. Me: don’t worry guys we’re just in wobbly jelly."

Another user commented another hack they learnt. "Another pilot told me it’s comparable to a pothole or bump in the road when ur driving!! it helped me sm!" they said.

A third wrote: "I hear you, and I appreciate this, but I’ll believe my jello cup is defective."

The hack got a mixed response from TikTokers.

While Anna's hack may help when you're next on a plane and experience turbulence, the idea of being surrounded by jelly may not be quite so reassuring if your plane were to get struck by lightening.

However, what most people are most scared of currently in relation to flying are the severe delays and cancellations which are taking place across the UK, stripping Brits of their desperately awaited holidays.

Featured Image Credit: @anna..paull/TikTok

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