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Woman gets 'attacked' by kangaroo after trying to get close enough to pat it

Woman gets 'attacked' by kangaroo after trying to get close enough to pat it

The roo took one look at her and pounced, leaving the woman flat on her face.

A woman has realised what happens when you get a little too close and personal with nature.

Shakila was walking through the stunning and picturesque landscape of Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales.

The name of the location certainly gives off the vibe that roos will be strolling around en masse.

The tourist was pleasantly treated with an opportunity to pat one of the animals, even though you should definitely not do that.

Roos aren't exactly placid or timid creatures. They will certainly get up in your grill if they feel threatened and it looks like that's exactly what's happened.

Video footage shows Shakila slowly approaching the kangaroo in the open field.

While the animal initially seems a little nervous around the human, it wasn't long before it leaps towards her.

Not only that, but the roo put on a side-step that would make any rugby player jealous.

The sudden movements from the roo cause Shakila to run away and then fall flat on her face.

The person filming the moment said: "Shakila wanted to go up and pat the kangaroo, not realising they can be dangerous, and as she got close, the kangaroo got up and attacked her. She tripped over just missing the kangaroos claws."

Thankfully, no physical contact was made between the woman and the animal and the roo bounced away a short time later.


People on social media said this is a textbook definition of what not to do when you're out in the wild.

One said: "What did she except to happen?"

Another added: "That kangaroo was bobbing and weaving, like he was gonna knock her out."

A third wrote: "Nothing to laugh about, she was seconds away from being gutted like a fish."

To be honest, they really aren't to be messed with, especially if you see them chilling in a pond.

While it might look like they're just having a cheeky little swim, it could be your final moments if you join them in the water.

Kangaroo ecologist Graeme Coulson from the University of Melbourne told the ABC it can be a pretty weird sight to see.

"There's a very strong instinct — kangaroos will go to water if they're threatened by a predator," Coulson said.

"In the case of a big male, they can definitely drown dogs.

"If the dog swims out to them, they've got strong arms and big claws and they can drown [the dog]."

But, most of the time, it's because they're trying to get away from something.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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