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Woman who lives in Conjuring house shows routine she has to follow every day

Woman who lives in Conjuring house shows routine she has to follow every day

A woman who lives in a real haunted house has a surprisingly normal daily routine.

A woman who lives in the infamous house from The Conjuring has detailed her daily routine in the haunted farmhouse. Take a look below, if you dare:

Home of the terrifying 2013 horror movie The Conjuring, the 14 room farmhouse in Rhode Island might look like a nice rural home at first.

But in reality, it's actually one of the most haunted properties in the US and is home to the chilling true story the horror movie is based on.

While you might think this all adds up to a home nobody would want to live in, the house from The Conjuring actually is someone's home.

Madison Heinzen, daughter of the house's previous owners Cory and Jennifer, has taken to TikTok to show everyone exactly what her morning routine is when she stays in the infamous house from The Conjuring.

Her day starts with a customary check of the security cameras before bidding the house (and any ghosts lurking within) a good morning.

Nestled within a woodland clearing, the real house from the Conjuring is one of the most haunted in America.
Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

It's as normal a routine as you're going to get living in a haunted house, and a big part of Madison's morning is getting the place cleaned up ready for a new set of tourists to march around it.

That's because the house is now a tourist attraction where fans can take tours through the haunted house and learn the real ghost stories that inspired the 2013 movie.

Part of Madison's job as caretaker is making sure all the stock at the gift shop is there, as plenty of Conjuring fans would like not only to have been there but to have got the t-shirt too.

The house is a haven for paranormal investigators who are determined to feast their eyes on some ghostly apparitions.

However, at least one wannabe ghost hunter ended up feeling very sick when they visited and it took him weeks to recover.

Once home to the Perron family, they started to see ghostly apparitions and noticed things moving about by themselves.

The family soon discovered that eight generations of another family had once lived in the house, and many of them had met a suspicious end.

Fancy spending a night in this place?
Chace Sotheby's International Realty/Blueflash Photography

Bought by her family in 2019 and sold on two years later, Madison still spends a week out of each month living in the haunted house as a caretaker.

In the two years that her family lived there, she said they saw all sorts of paranormal happenings including an incident where a ghost was spotted wearing a veil and a skirt and one where her parents said they spotted a shadowy figure at the bedroom door.

They said they spent four months living in one room to give the ghosts and spectres which might plague the house time to get accustomed to the new owners.

The family were able to sell it for $1.52 million to real-estate developer Jacqueline Nuñez, who paid over the asking price to get her hands on the haunted house.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@madison.heinzen207

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