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Woman gives neighbour bag of poo after dog went outside her house

Daisy Phillipson

| Last updated 

Woman gives neighbour bag of poo after dog went outside her house

Fight fire with fire - or, in this case, poop with poop.

Footage has emerged showing the moment a woman gives her neighbour a bag of dog's mess after her pooch took a number two outside her house.


We all know at this point that 101 of owning a dog is picking up their poop - it's not the most glamorous part of the job, but it's got to be done.


Despite this unspoken rule, Andrea Whiteside claims her neighbour allowed her pup to repeatedly offload right in front of her home.

In a bid to take matters into her own hands, the 53-year-old kept an eye out for the next time the repeat offender turned up so she could send the mess right back where it came from.

Footage captured by Andrea's Ring doorbell shows her chatting with her pal Samantha Smalley on her front porch.

When the owner walks past, Andrea wastes no time in giving her the poop-filled bag, saying: "Here you are love, that belongs to you. Your dog's s****ing outside my garden again."


Realising she's in the wrong, she quietly accepts it before walking away.

Speaking about the ordeal, Andrea said: "I feel as a nation of dog owners it is our responsibility to clean up after our dogs.

Andrea was ready. Credit: Deadline News
Andrea was ready. Credit: Deadline News

"The area where I live has had problems with dog faeces for months now and it’s due to a small percentage of dog owners who allow their pets to poo without picking up after them.


"The lady involved in the recording was seen by myself to allow her dog to poo directly outside my home on a number of occasions.

"I did speak to her regarding picking up after her dog so was disappointed to see more poo outside the property the following day."

She continued: "I looked back at footage on the door camera and was gobsmacked to see the same lady allow her dog to poo and walk away without picking it up again.

"I knew the lady in question would be passing at a certain time each morning so I handed it back to her after I had bagged it up myself.


"I couldn’t hazard a guess as to how long she has allowed her dog to foul the pavement as it's only recently that I had the camera installed."

Andrea said she was 'gobsmacked' when she saw the dog owner allowing her furry friend to use her doorstep as a toilet just one day after speaking to her about it, especially since she was 'very apologetic'.

The frustrated Lancaster resident ended up sharing the clip on TikTok where it's since gone viral, with hundreds of comments from people who were in stitches over the awkward exchange.

Hopefully the neighbour has learned her lesson. Credit: Deadline News
Hopefully the neighbour has learned her lesson. Credit: Deadline News

One user wrote: "The hand on the hip, the haircut, the energy... it’s what she’s been training for."

"That lady is a legend," wrote another, while a third added: "Can tell she's northern. Absolutely despises her but called her love."

Discussing the reaction on social media, Andrea added: "The majority of the comments on social media have been positive as there’s dog fouling all over the UK.

"It's clear to see by the thousands of likes and hundreds of comments people are becoming increasingly fed up of picking up the mess irresponsible dog walkers leave behind."

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

Topics: UK News, Dogs, Animals, Viral

Daisy Phillipson
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