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Brit living in Australia offers £28 for someone to remove massive spider from her house

Brit living in Australia offers £28 for someone to remove massive spider from her house

The ex-pat was prepared to offer up some decent cash to get rid of the huntsman spider.

A British woman living in Australia offered £28 for someone to come and remove a spider from her home.

The ex-pat was horrified to discover a huge huntsman spider crawling in her property in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman posted on Facebook: “Is anyone good with spiders? Will happily pay someone $50 to get this spider out my apartment in Coogee.”

But many users were left spooked, as one person wrote: “I wouldn’t be staying around there long enough to even take a photo of that beast!!”


Another commented: “Bro, that spider is trying to remove humans from the face of the planet.”

A third said: “I’d be moving.”

While another advised: “I wouldn’t remove it for anyone. Had one in my bedroom a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was on my own. I sat in my bed watching it and thinking about what to do at midnight. Well, I raced and got the vacuum cleaner and sucked it in and put the vacuum in the garden overnight after I emptied half a can of spray on it.”

While many suggested that they wouldn’t even remove the arachnid for hundreds of dollars, the woman said that she may have to take drastic measures and use a blow torch.

I mean, bonus points for creativity.

Similarly, last year a woman called the West Yorkshire Police to have an eight-legged fiend removed from her home.

Antonio Guillem / Alamy Stock Photo

The Mirror reported that the woman told police she had rung them as a last resort after ‘trying everything’.

According to the outlet, she told authorities: “I need someone to come and get this spider out of my house.

“It’s absolutely massive and I’m not even joking!”

However, the operator was quick to shut down her request.

They said: “Unfortunately, the police wouldn’t be able to come and get a spider out of your house.”

Following the call, the West Yorkshire Police have urged people not to ring 999 unless it’s an emergency as they receive ‘20 calls a day to our 999 line that are not a life or death emergency’.

Essex Police also criticised people who've called authorities to handle trivial matters.

They revealed that one person had even called the department demanding they deliver a pizza to their doorstep.

“The only thing he got delivered to his door were two of our officers who had some stern words of advice,” a spokesperson from the force said, as per the Mirror.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/HBO

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