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Woman Only Uses Reusable Toilet Paper And Washes It With Her Clothes

Woman Only Uses Reusable Toilet Paper And Washes It With Her Clothes

The mum of two said she had no need to buy regular toilet paper

A mum has revealed why she's traded traditional toilet paper for reusable products. Watch what she has to say below:

Two days ago (11 February) Channon Rose (@channonrose1) opted to share with social media her unconventional method.

To showcase how she's trying to do her bit for the environment, Channon showed her followers all the items that she's stopped purchasing for her bathroom - including toilet paper.

She said: "I no longer buy toilet paper, we use reusable toilet paper. Some people might think it's gross. We have a bidet so it cleans us. And then we basically just use reusable toilet paper to wipe dry.

"And then we throw this in our laundry wash into regular clothes."


She continues: "I think regular toilet paper is gross. It gets like crumbly and stuck and I just rather have like water and like cloth. I feel like it just cleans me way better.

"So reusable toilet paper for the win and I make these myself I just cut up washcloths and searched the edges and they're really soft and comfortable. I also no longer buy Kleenex to blow our nose. These are just like sheets again, I just come up search the edges and just wash them with our clothes, no extra laundry whatsoever."

Another item she no longer buys is toothpaste.

Channon adds: "I use and buy 'tooth bits'. It's less plastic. It comes in these glass jars. You only buy the glass jar once and then you just refill these little bits.

"You pop it in your mouth you bite it you wet your toothbrush a little bit and then it turns into toothpaste and it's awesome. I love it.


She also revealed she has started creating her own pads, saying: "I love them. I actually started making them myself and selling them on my Etsy shop. I love them so much and I'm so passionate about them.

"I've noticed that I have way less cramping."

One user simply commented: "No ma’am."

However, others seem to love it.

Another added: "Reusable pads for the win! It most definitely makes cramps less intense!"

Someone else asked the question we're probably all thinking: "Look. Love it. Think it’s great. But the TRAUMA I would go through if I was a guest at your house and saw no toilet paper."

Thankfully Channon replies: "Haha! I hear you. We put regular toilet paper out when guests are here."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/channonrose1

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