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Frustrated woman swamped with phone calls from people doing Chewbacca impressions for no reason

Frustrated woman swamped with phone calls from people doing Chewbacca impressions for no reason

The force is strong in this one

A woman has spoken of her confusion after being inundated with calls from people pretending to be Chewbacca.

Taylor Paige, from Sydney, Australia, is searching for answers after someone gave her mobile number out. This is the result:

The single mum says she's been bombarded with people getting in touch and mimicking the Star Wars character.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Paige said when she asked one of her callers where they got her number from, they told her they'd seen a poster in the street.

Said flyer had a photo of the wookiee, along with a note telling people to provide their best impression for a chance to win $100 (£51).

However, Paige said she has nothing to do with this bizarre competition, and has begged people to stop.

And what's worse, she doesn't even like Star Wars.

Someone has put posters up with a woman's phone number on.
A Current Affair

When asked who she thinks might be responsible for the stunt, she said: "I'm not too sure, I honestly couldn't tell you."

She went on: "I hate Star Wars, really, I've watched one or two movies. I'm not a Star Wars fan."

As yet, though, the search continues for the mystery prankster.

The joke isn't exactly original, though.

A few years ago, a woman called Jessica revealed her ex-boyfriend had put posters up with her phone number, asking people to do the exact same thing.

Speaking at the time, she told 9News: "I'm getting phone calls at really strange hours of the night about one o'clock to about four o'clock, aye.

"I thought it was quite funny actually, I thought it was a good joke."

The mum is urging people to stop calling.
A Current Affair

Jessica asked anyone who saw the posters to pull them down, but if they felt like making an entry, that was fine too.

She continued: "Just pull [the posters] down please and yeah, have a laugh for me and if you want to make a phone call, go for it. I don't mind, bring it on!"

After being told of the previous spate of pranks, Paige said: "That sounds exactly what has happened to me, minus knowing who it is."

And just like Jessica, she urged people to rip the posters down if they see them.

"If you see it just take it down, don't call the number, it's harassment and I don't want a bar of it," she said.

"I just prefer the person to just come forward."

Featured Image Credit: A Current Affair

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